Communications & PR

At Seychelle, we live by this principle.

We understand the importance of quality content but content without visibility is not working as hard as it could be.

  • Keep social media social-oriented
  • Strategic and newsworthy press releases
  • Center reputation management around your standing, influence and credibility with the public
  • Approach your brand from an insider perspective
  • Optimize content, while keeping the human touch

Internal and external messaging are key to maintaining the trust of your employees, shareholders, and the public.

We understand the unique need for the right kind of communication and we will work with you to address all your communication needs.

We are focused on building key messaging for important and difficult organizational changes and we conduct media training to prepare executives and spokespeople for media interactions. We also develop a customized and confidential crisis and incident communications plan that will equip you with the right tools to protect your brand.

Ready to Get Started on Your Communications & PR Strategy?