Social Media Marketing

It’s best to partner with an SMM strategist

Our Social Media Marketing services go beyond the communication strategy and management of social media channels and into the highly targeted opportunities of paid social marketing. There’s lots of options available – and so many ways to allocate your social marketing spend – so it’s best to partner with an SMM strategist (like us) on your approach.

Your SMM strategy should be a part of your holistic digital marketing strategy and user experience. Social media channels can and should enact storytelling; therefore a user’s experience with social media ads must be considered as part of the whole. Run correctly and on the proper channels, SMM can be extremely effective at reaching users in the right place and at the right time, creating another marketing funnel for you that delivers quality leads and drives to specific customer conversion opportunities.

We take the guesswork out of SMM by working with you to establish goals and budgets for each campaign and recommend the best options for your spend. We’ll design our direct-to-site or fan-page acquisition strategy with geographic, demographic or interest-based segmentation and develop the supporting creative content and images for your advertisements and promotions.

We specialize in:

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Social Community Management

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