Pay for Performance Marketing

Worried about spending budget on paid media and getting nothing in return?

Your business may qualify for Seychelle Media’s “Pay for Performance Advertising (P4P)” service. While we aren’t “lead brokers”, in certain instances, if your business qualifies, we will accept our compensation exclusively in the form of the results we deliver. The simplest form of P4P is “Pay per Lead”. Seychelle Media will fund the creation, launch and ongoing management of robust lead generation campaigns designed to deliver highly qualified leads on behalf of our client partner. Typically, in this scenario we are paid a fixed fee for each lead we pass to our client. In some cases, we will partner with a business even further down the conversion funnel. For example, if we are convinced that a real estate brokerage company has an efficient lead management and sales process, we may offer lead generation services and only receive compensation on actual real estate listings.

Qualifying for our P4P marketing service requires a discovery call with one of our agency executives. During this call we will determine the following:

  • Is your business in a vertical we are comfortable with?
  • How does your business value a qualified lead?
  • How does your business arrive at this value?
  • What is your lead management and sales process?
  • How does your business define a qualified lead?
  • What are your lead volume goals?
  • Timeshare Leads
  • Mortgage Leads
  • Home Security System Leads
  • Water Filtration System Leads
  • Real Estate Buyer and Seller Leads
  • Franchise Leads
  • B2B Leads
  • B2C Leads
  • Automotive Leads
  • Contractor Leads
  • Home Services Leads

Complete multi-channel lead management platform.