Conversion Rate Optimization

Seychelle Media is a conversion-focused agency. We architect, build and optimize websites with one goal in mind: conversion. Why take up valuable webspace if you’re not going to convert your users? Conversion — in web talk — is having your visitors take a particular action. Actions may include downloads, completing a lead form, newsletter signups, completing a booking, or signing up to your website. This action is what we measure and optimize for our clients.

Seychelle Media uses analytics and user feedback to inform a client’s conversion rate optimization plan. Having an ongoing CRO plan and process in place will allow you to convert a higher percentage of passive browsers into valuable conversions.

Seychelle Media’s CRO Process

  • 1 Detailed analysis of client’s website’s traffic sources, behavioral intent, visitor types, and conversion goals.
  • 2 Client sets goals and KPIs.
  • 3 Identification of user experience and conversion funnel blockage issues.
  • 4 Market and competitive intelligence assessment.
  • 5 Identification of assets that could assist in persuading conversions.
  • 6 Delivery of experimental strategy.
  • 7 Creation of experiments.
  • 8 Implementation of experiments.
  • 9 Transfer of winning campaigns to the mainstream.
  • 10 Repeat the process, beginning with Step 3.

Conversion Rate Optimization is not a project, but a process. A relentless pursuit of performance improvement where Opinion don’t matter. Only results do.

– Jason Tremblay – CEO, Seychelle Media

A high conversion rate equals higher ROI. Converting your existing visitors is far more cost-effective than attracting new users. Most companies invest heavily in driving traffic to a website through SEO, PPC and paid social media marketing. While it may be true that more traffic equals more sales, it is also true that a higher conversion rate of that traffic yields a higher profit margin. If your current website conversion rate is 2%, imagine just being able to improve that to 4%. You’d effectively be doubling your sales without spending another dime on traffic. A serious CRO plan can be one of the highest yield digital marketing disciplines.

CRO Should AlwaysCRO Should Never
Use a systematic process for website optimizationBe directed by non-experts or driven by "opinion"
Base itself on analytics and user feedbackBe a generic formula
Be defined by your website’s KPIsFocus on quantity over quality users
Increase ROI on current traffic and leadsClaim to use magic buttons or killer copywriting with promises of conversion

Need More Conversions? Let the CRO Experts at Seychelle Media Architect Your CRO Strategy.