Social Community Management

We like to think of ourselves as social producers because we focus on the content.

People don’t like to feel marketed to. People much prefer to buy than to be sold to. Today’s consumer is in control and successful businesses will create engagement opportunities with their prospects and customers that are conversational and not “one-way” marketing conversations. Successful social community management requires a keen understanding of what the user wants, what the user expects, and provides a clear, uncluttered path towards the content the user seeks on the channel the user most wants to engage on.

Our clients never have to make compromises between the voice of their brand and the voice who speaks to online customers. That’s because your channels are managed by a real person who translates your brand into social engagement that works, a social manager who looks at every like, heart and share as a way to make something happen that’s good for your brand. How are we different in the way we manage?

The Channel Response Handbook

We look at the deepest trends in social and dig into our client’s social marketing goals. After we build a thorough digital brand architecture, the tools to social success are laid out for each of our clients in a way that makes sense and informs every aspect of our social community management strategy. This is the Channel Response Handbook. Once approved, the handbook becomes a bible for the way we approach every aspect of organic social marketing. The handbook also includes resources and social references that our social managers use daily, coordinating your content through a channel response library, editorial calendar and branded, creative content. All of this comes together so that every time we post, we gain engagement with your customer.

Branded Creative Content

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