Lead Generation

We specialize in highly qualified and uber-targeted lead generation.

We architect lead generation programs for our clients that are based on conversion goals, including:

  • Acquiring new prospects and nurturing the lead into a sale
  • Re-engaging existing customers & moving them into an action

Leveraging Seychelle Media’s Partnership with Big Data

At Seychelle Media, we are experts at Facebook Advertising. Because we have direct relationships with the biggest names in Big Data, we’re able to access targeting segments other agencies can’t touch. From FICO and economic stability scores to pre-mover status or in-market propensities to buy a Mercedes, we’ve got audience targeting down to a science. Coupled with our badass Ad Creatives custom-designed to convert, when it comes to digital lead generation, we’ve got you covered.

Some verticals we specialize in:

Why Our Lead Generation Programs Work

Qualified Leads

35 million data sets

Enhanced targeting

Lead scoring

Smart touchpoints

Call center support

Marketing Automation

Dynamic data segments

Real-time alerts

Triggered communications

Custom email marketing

SMS integration

Multi-Channel Approach





Private Display Networks


Customized reports

Conversion tracking

Proprietary revenue tracking

Data analysis

A/B testing

Automated user acquisition process to start bringing in leads immediately.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to receive a list of leads that aren’t qualified. Our promise to our clients is that you always receive qualified, warm leads. We have a proven customer touchpoints flow to ensure that your leads are delivered ripe for your hungry sales teams.

Clean, accurate, up-to-date, human-verified sales data of over 35 million targeted data segments.

We build audiences from data partners who work with over millions of data segments. Who do you want to target? Learn all the ways you can start targeting your customers with Seychelle.

Dedicated team comprising account manager, campaign manager, designer, copywriter and lead generation strategist.

Working with an agency, you’ll have access to strategists who work with all types of markets. Each client has a dedicated account manager, designer, copywriter, campaign manager, and analyst. This guarantees that your lead generation strategy will be optimized to generate the sales you’re looking for.

Complete multi-channel lead management platform.