Facebook Advertising

Track Leads from Origination to Sale, Create Custom Facebook Applications, Build Marketing Automation with Facebook’s Advertising Platform & More

Here are just some of the ways Seychelle Media’s team of Facebook Developers can put the Facebook Marketing API to work for you.

  • Leverage Facebook’s API to pull in your click-through data and cost data, enabling you to associate performance with your transactional data and determine the ultimate ROI on campaign performance.
  • Automate lead generation with your CRM
  • Create Facebook login buttons for your website
  • Export your customer lists through Custom Audiences
  • Build a custom analytics tool adding Facebook to your internal analytics pipeline
  • Set up Messenger campaigns to drive inbound calls or direct messages Create a product catalogue and start Dynamic Product Marketing Automate reporting on Facebook billing

Why We Use Facebook Marketing API

Our Facebook development team creates unique solutions for our clients. With the variety of applications available, we can help support multiple internal business units using Facebook; create fluid conversations and promote your products via Messenger or build a custom Facebook Login to make it easier for customers to register on your site.

  • Works with All CRMs
  • Easy to Customize
  • Automate Your Marketing
  • Multiple Plugins Available
  • Better User Experience
  • Push Leads to Your CRM

Ready to Integrate & Innovate?