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Improving search rankings is good; generating leads and revenue is great.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of getting traffic from natural, organic or editorial search results on search engines.

We view search engine optimization from the lens of a business owner as opposed to an agency. That means that our time spent on your SEO strategy will provide ultimate value and measurable results. It means that SEO will work towards meeting your long-term online marketing goals and evolve with the needs of your business. Whether it’s providing consultancy to your existing marketing team, creating an SEO Blueprint, or by giving your company ongoing SEO support (or all of the above), we’ll make sure that return on investment remains top priority.

We offer SEO services to a wide range of industries, including services customized for timeshare and vacation ownership.

We know SEO

In one of the most competitive of industries – timeshare – we’ve shown impressive return on investment through a careful blend of SEO strategy. It’s because we understand the interconnectivity between SEO and the other digital marketing disciplines and services we offer, like conversion rate optimization (CRO), pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertisement, reputation management, social media marketing and content strategy. We believe that SEO blends these areas to provide a better engagement experience to more targeted audiences, resulting in high-quality leads at a much lower cost than traditional advertising methods.

If SEO can be the catalyst for creating the most active online marketplace for timeshare sales and rentals, it can be so for just about any business. Seychelle Media’s CEO & Co-Founder, Jason Tremblay, keeps SEO top-of-mind when developing online marketing strategies for clients, perhaps because he’s, well, cracked the SEO code per se. With the long-term vision of the benefits of SEO in sight, as the former owner of, he helped the company generate more than 200,000 inbound buyer, seller and rental leads, generating $100 million in revenue and driving 30 million organic visitors. That’s what made the company so valuable when it came to the $10 million in venture capital they received towards expansion plans.

At Seychelle Media, we believe that SEO success is attainable through the use of a defined process and approach, transparency, innovation and white-hat techniques that follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It’s our job to make SEO work for our clients in a meaningful way. And we’re darn good at it.

SEO for Business: 5 Things You Need to Know

#1 It’s not a black box
If you’ve used SEO services in the past and have been less than impressed – or worse, the victim of overpromise and under-delivery – we’re here to bring back your faith in the discipline. One of the keys to SEO success is setting realistic expectations based on the factors you can control, not those you cannot. Understanding that gaining Google’s trust and higher search rankings is an honor not a privilege, we’ll design an SEO strategy that’s proactive and also working on the defense to create new traffic sources and enhance the credibility of your site. It’s also vital to make an “all-in” time commitment to your SEO strategy – no less than 6 months – in order for us to produce significant results. Whether you’ve engaged us as a consultant on SEO strategy and best practices utilizing your in-house team, or you prefer to let us handle the implementation of tactics, we’ll ensure that every part of our process is honest and transparent.
#2 It increases your bottom line, long-term
We treat SEO as an agent to deliver high-quality content to search engines that directs customers through your sales funnel. We want your brand to become more visible in the right places and drive real growth in your bottom line. Well-planned SEO will help you get in front of the right people expressing specific behavioral intents and capture their demand in real-time. Over time, SEO can become the most cost-effective source of the highest quality leads as we optimize your content for placement to acquire customer demand.
#3 It’s a vital thread in the fabric of a unified marketing strategy
The lines between online and offline marketing are virtually non-existent today. Your offline marketing can lead to an online impression and vice-versa. And of course what people learn about you online can impact offline sales. When you’re ranking well organically through well-crafted SEO, you’ll foster consumer trust that will support your other marketing activities, whether digital or traditional.
#4 It’s big-picture thinking and worth the investment
To truly improve your online performance, we encourage you to think big. In the realm of SEO, that requires an initial investment; however, the benefits will be long-term and lasting. As your SEO partner, we’ll deliver an actionable organic marketing strategy that’s innovative, insightful and prioritized in step with your organizational goals. Our strategies and tactics will remain nimble and adjust with your business growth as we maximize your return on investment and provide transparent measurement for SEO activities.
#5 It has to be done ethically and correctly to really pay off
While there are many companies claiming to do real SEO, we’ve seen a lot of shortcuts that can create short-term benefits, but long-term damage. Whether it’s spammy content, unearned, artificial or paid links, these tactics can often lead to painful Google penalties. Recovering from an imposed Google penalty can take many months and a lot of manpower, posing a real threat to your bottom line. Your search rankings also can be affected by website changes made by junior-level, non-specialist staff – changes in URL structure, title tags, minor adjustments to a navigation bar or even the addition of text blocks. We believe that SEO isn’t a one-off project; it involves many moving parts that must be managed carefully and with expertise. We’re proud to offer SEO services in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines that follow the most current strategies and trends in this discipline. Our SEO strategy process begins by conducting a comprehensive audit of your site and providing recommendations to address any existing issues that may impair your site’s ability to rank at its optimal level. Once we’ve addressed any issues, we’ll create an overarching organic search strategy that fosters your website’s trust with Google, optimizes content development and grows your traffic, leads and conversions.

Our SEO Process

We take SEO seriously. And although the work of SEO is never done, we keep our process simple and transparent for our clients. Our 5-step process starts with learning the results you want to achieve, then understanding the current state of your online marketing performance and any existing SEO work, developing a comprehensive SEO strategy and tactical plan for implementation, and providing ongoing management and measurement to adjust the strategy to support your KPIs.

  1. Discovery
    Understand the goals of your business and website, current KPIs, analytics & reporting.
  2. SEO Audit and Current-State Assessment
    Conduct audit of technical and infrastructure, SEO site audit, messaging and content audit. Assess website authority & conduct backlink profile audit. This step will include a review of website and historical analytics, an assessment of penalty and Google terms of service and webmaster guidelines compliance and competitive analysis. Learn more about our SEO Audit process
  3. Strategy Development
    Define goals and KPI measurement parameters, conduct competitive analysis and keyword research and analysis.
  4. Tactical Execution
    Authority building through link-building and authorship enhancement campaigns, content editing and optimization, content development.
  5. Management, Measurement & Reporting
    Provide analytics on rankings, traffic, conversion rates, revenue and competitive analysis.

Our SEO Capabilities

  • SEO training for internal marketing & IT teams
  • Site launches, migrations and consolidations
  • Comprehensive SEO site audit
  • SEO strategy development & tactical execution
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Google penalty assessment and recovery services (Penguin/Panda recovery & toxic link removal specialists)
  • Keyword Research
  • Content development and landing page optimization
  • Web analytics set-up, goal tracking and KPI definition & measurement
  • SEO tool selection, implementation and training
  • Directory structure and url optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Authority & link-building
  • Broken link identification and reclamation
  • Digital reputation management & PR
  • Social amplification
  • Mobile SEO
  • Video optimization & syndication
  • International & foreign language SEO
  • Local SEO
  • General SEO consulting
  • Ongoing SEO campaign management services

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