Google Penalty Recovery

Have you noticed a sharp drop in search rankings and traffic recently? Google algorithm updates have probably claimed another victim. We’re sorry… but hey, Seychelle can help.

When a website is under Google penalty, business owners are concerned about losing potential customers and revenue, and they should be. Seychelle Media analyzes both manual and algorithmic penalties and prescribes legitimate Google Penalty Removal services designed to get your website back in good standing with Google. And, better yet, ranking for its most relevant keywords and phrases. We’ll help you understand any penalties that have been assessed and how to prevent future issues without overcompensating.

Every month, Google rolls out algorithm updates that may affect the SERPs (Search Engine Research Pages). These updates penalize websites for different factors ranging from spammy content to unnatural link building practices. Understanding the biggest updates and their intended consequence will allow you to avoid future penalties.

Google Algorithm Update Launch What Does It Do What Does It Target
Panda February 2011 Un-rank websites with low-quality content. Poor-quality, spammy, or thin content
Duplicate content & plagiarism
User-generated spam
Keyword stuffing
Poor user experience
Penguin April 2012 Un-rank spammy websites with unnatural link-building practices Poor-quality and spammy links
Private Blog Network (PBN) links
Irrelevant link building
Paid links
Over-optimized anchor text
Pirate August 2012 Un-rank websites in violation of copyright law. Pirated content
Large number of copyright infringement reports
Hummingbird August 2013 Focus on topic search rather than keyword search Exact keyword targeting
Keyword stuffing
Pigeon July 2014 Boost high-quality local rankings Poorly optimized pages
Lack of a Google My Business page
Inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone)
No citations in relevant local directories
Mobile Friendly Update April 2015 Boost mobile-optimized SERP rankings No mobile optimization
Wrong viewpoint configuration
Unreadable content
Use of plugins
RankBrain October 2015 Improve search results based on relevance and machine learning No query-specific relevance features
Bad user experience
Possum September 2016 Improve local search results based on physical location Duplicate addresses for businesses
Competitors business address
Fred March 2017 Un-rank websites (mainly blogs) with low quality content, generating ad and affiliate revenue. Poor quality, ad-centric content
Affiliate heavy content
Thin content

Aside from Google algorithm updates assigning penalties, manual spam actions may arise from a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guideline. Manual actions are carried out by a member of the Google search team. They typically result from unnatural links, thin content, cloaking, using doorway pages, or selling and purchasing links.

Why Hire Us to Fix Your Google Penalty

We won’t just help your website recover, but we will optimize it and teach you how to avoid future Google penalties. Seychelle takes a systematic approach when conducting a Google Penalty Audit and Assessment. We provide a detailed report and a roadmap of prioritized recommendations for your website recovery.

  • Backlink profile audit — unnatural link evaluation
  • Review of Google Webmaster Tools link reports
  • Analyze relevancy of individual backlinks
  • Duplicate backlink anchor text ratio analysis
  • Identification of links that need to be removed
  • Identification of links that need to be retained but changed contextually
  • On-page Google Guidelines violations (on-page spam review)
  • On-page content quality assessment
  • Duplicate content and plagiarism audit
  • Audit for content to outbound link ratio

Our on-page spam violation check audits the homepage and up to 10 top directory level pages or landing pages, product pages, categories and more.

On-page spam violation may include cloaking, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, hidden text, and hidden links. We usually leave the Google Penalty Recovery Roadmap for our clients to implement, but if you need assistance with the process, you can inquire about out Google Penalty Restoration services to accelerate your recovery.

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