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Seychelle Media believes in real time transparency for our clients.
Our AdEnvie Client Portal is designed to provide just that.

Want to see how well your campaigns are performing? Or how about seeing how making changes to the budget affects your lead counts? Maybe you would like to compare current performance with last years performance metrics. Or you may just want to see the creatives that are running on any given campaign.
We’ve got you covered.

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How it Works

When you and Seychelle Media partner together, we implement the technology required to gain insights on all facets of your campaigns.

Not only are we able to provide visibility into the quantity of leads your campaigns generate, but also things like Cost Per Lead (CPL) Impressions, Spend, and Acquisitions. With the ability to drill down to the AdSet level, you are able to fully immerse your team into the insights that power the decisions on how to drive the most successful campaigns.

Navigate to each of the creatives for the Ads you have released and view those Ads in any of the formats your audience will see them in. (Desktop, Mobile) Because these are the actual Ads running, you can copy the shareable link right from there.

We believe in transparency across the board and because of this, AdEnvie is a dynamic platform with new features being released weekly to drive greater visibility in all of your campaigns.

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Not Just Another Dashboard

AdEnvie also includes a suite of proprietary tools that allows Seychelle Media to integrate with any client or vendor platform available today. Through these integrations we are able to augment the reporting capabilities that are available to you.

Here are a few of the many integrations we have available today.

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Dependable &
Always Available

As marketing people ourselves, we know the importance of having actionable data at hand.

Seychelle Media’s AdEnvie Platform is designed in a highly available, fault tolerant and scalable architecture built on several industry recognized cloud platforms.

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Secure Data Protection

Our platforms are built on strict security principles maintaining the highest level of data protection and ensuring that any sensitive data is either not stored or encrypted using the latest encryption methods.

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