Facebook Advertising

Leveraging Big Data Relationships for New Customer Acquisition.

Seychelle Media’s elevated status as a Facebook Agency Partner enables us to work directly with Big Data companies like Acxiom, Experian, Datalogix and more, connecting user profiles to consumer purchasing and behavioral data. Our Digital Lead Generation program leverages over 35 million data sets, enabling us to target and engage with highly granular audience segments, precisely matching the profile of a likely buyer.

How’s it Work?

Big Data works in the background to tie together online and offline transactional spending data, behavioral data, mortgage data, cable TV data, change of address data and more to create Digital Personas on consumers. According to their 2016 Annual Report, Acxiom, for example, possesses more than 3,000 data points per person in the United States. These data companies have made this data available to the Facebook Advertising platform to enable select Agencies like Seychelle Media, through our Agency’s aggregated spend on behalf of our clients, the ability to display highly relevant ads to the appropriate audiences through Custom Facebook Targeting.

Want to Access Big Data for Your Campaigns?