Your Website is Showing: How Resort Websites Dictate Bookings

Over time, technology has changed the way that we browse the Internet. People come to expect a more fluid experience when they start to think about planning for a purchase. When planning to make a booking or even purchase an entire timeshare, the idea comes into a person’s mind as something imaginary, that they need to research. When they type in “buy a timeshare” or “book a timeshare,” where do you want to land in the spectrum?

Timeshare resort websites can really change a person’s mind in a matter of seconds whether they want to continue with their purchase or not. If your website doesn’t convert well or doesn’t really affect your current sales, there’s a number of things that you can do to change your website and make sure that it’s working 24/7 to bring in new tours, bookings and owners.


1. Design

The design of your website is key. Timeshare resorts have a certain branded look that people are familiar with. Just look at the top timeshare resort search results: Disney Vacation Club and Marriott Vacation Club.

These websites aren’t anything special, but they are simple to use and have the right pictures for the audience. However, if both of these websites were to be optimized for better conversions and lead generation, they could likely boost their tours and sales by over 50% due to the trust in their brand.

Always keep an owner’s online experience in your mind.

Today’s owners are looking for a seamless website experience that provides direction and information. For example, the first thing that an owner may want to see on your site is destinations. These should be large call-to-actions that allow a potential owner to browse easily through the destination, which will bring them to a lead generation form or another action where they can provide tour booking information or other contact information.

Design also has to be current and innovative. If you flash too much color or large language at an owner, it may conflict with their idea of a perfect timeshare resort to tour. In addition, your resort’s website can be a great sales table resource.

2. Customer Service

Secondly, customer service should play a large part in your online experience. If people aren’t able to communicate a specific need or talk to a sales agent online, you’re not helping them make a choice.

Your online experience should incorporate a fluid customer service option that directs them to different options, provides contact information or even on online sales chat or help chat that can direct them to more information.

3. The Perfect Booking Experience

Want potential owners to book tours at your resort every day? Create simple and quick touring opportunities online that anyone can take advantage of. Potential owners are always looking for a great timeshare resort to tour and why shouldn’t that be your resort? If you provide an online option, you are instantly getting someone to book at your resort or at the very least, you are getting a valuable lead to create a sale opportunity.

For specific consultations on the design of your website, contact Seychelle Media’s design team.

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