Working with Influential People on Social Media

If you are running a business with an online component, then learning who the taste makers are in your industry can save you a great deal of work. The influential blog owners and social media leaders with large followings can give you a marketing leverage that it is very difficult to obtain on your own. Your new customers will be much more likely to accept a message from these people about your business than from you!

How to Find the King Makers on Social Media

Finding popular people on social media is very easy – just look for the accounts that have large followings. You ideally want to find the social influencers who are most active in your industry or who are most active with your followers. For example, Chelsea Krost is a social influencer with a great following on Twitter who appeals to marketing crowds because she has a lock on the millennial marketing strategy. However, you must be careful when you go through these accounts. Many of them may be fake. Others may not have an audience that applies to you. Once you have narrowed down this short list, you will likely have a very manageable number of people who can actually help you in your online marketing campaign.

Be sure that you do not focus solely on the top guys and girls with millions of followers. Social influencers will range between a following of 20,000 and 100,000 followers in most cases in your industry. Influencers with millions of followers may have the time to pick out your message, but you would need to make your content much greater in visibility or a little bit outlandish to get their attention. These people likely have responsibilities that will keep them from interacting with you no matter how good your product is. You want to focus on the people with a niche audience that pertains to you. You can certainly put the huge accounts on your list to contact, but do not be annoyed if you get nothing back from them. You do not need them.

Communicating with Influential People on Social Media

The social media leaders are leaders because they have content that an audience follows, not because they keep in touch with everyone individually. You must keep this in mind when you are contacting these people. Put yourself in their position – they are trying to keep an audience. You need to provide them with content that will help them to do this.

You want to package your content in a way that will appeal to the audience of the person whom you are trying to get a “sponsorship” from. Take note of how they put their content together and use that knowledge to your advantage. Remixing their content is also a great idea – who doesn’t like seeing themselves in a new environment? This content is much more likely to be shared by the taste maker.

Do not come at your targeted social leaders like a fan. They need to understand that you have a business agenda. Stick to contacting them on the business email that they provide. When you communicate with them in public, it should be as an influential expert member of that person’s audience. Leave poignant and insightful comments on the content that the webmaster puts out. Become a part of that person’s community. You gain a great deal of leverage once that webmaster sees that you are actually adding to the community that he is trying to build.

Creating a Relationship

Providing value is definitely in your best interests as mentioned above. If you are acknowledged by the social media leader, then you know that you have carte blanche to send a personalized message asking for a sponsorship or an endorsement. However, you can still send a message asking for this in another way if you do not get this initial indication.

Guest blogging is a great way to add to the content of a social media leader and place yourself in a position to receive business from that audience. Be sure that you are providing content that is relevant to the audience of the blog owner. Stay away from the temptation to hard sell unless you are directly told to do so by the webmaster. You will know if you are doing the job right if you are asked back.

Relationships = Marathons

Some people may be more open to new relationships than others. You may also have to get some promotion from other areas before certain people will acknowledge you as an expert. Do not be disturbed if your efforts do not lead to a desired result immediately. Make sure that you remain professional and take everything in stride. Build your own network outside of the taste maker’s social media world. The more people that you are able to bring to the party, the more leverage that you will have when you negotiate with others.

Remember that the world of online business is a marathon. Create a plan, target people who are relevant to you on social media and stick to the plan.

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