Why You Don’t Have Time to Stop Using Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Sites

Why You Don’t Have Time to Stop Using Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Sites

For some people, networking is easy. They are naturally wired to greet, introduce and engage with old and new friends, acquaintances and even total strangers.

But then there’s everyone else. People who aren’t so chatty; who like their space, privacy and peace. These people are not introverts; more often, they are just busy. Really, really busy.

And “really, really busy” describes a lot of people in the workplace today. We all know that our careers and our companies would benefit if we interacted with others more, stopped to chat more often, attended more ‘networking’ events and proactively made our circle of contacts both larger and stronger.

But we don’t. Our to-do lists are long and we are already spread thin.  We’d rather spend our precious spare time with the people who matter most to us.

Stay on Social Media, Because the Math is Simple

Social media platforms afford us tools to help offset our networking deficits. As much as sharing updates about your job and your life on social sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feels like ‘one more task,’ these platforms actually offer a great way to strengthen and broaden relationships.

It’s simple math. Which takes more time, attending the event or posting an online update to the same people you would engage with at the event?

Sharing news about your life, your projects and your company on social sites extends your brand. It helps keep others updated on your services, activities and accomplishments. And most of all, it keeps you or your organization in front of your target market even when you only have a few minutes to devote to ‘networking.’

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