Two Billion WhatsApp Users Waiting to Hear from You

Two Billion WhatsApp Users Waiting to Hear from You Seychelle Media

WhatsApp is fast, secure, and can get you directly connected to your clients or prospects. With some two billion users worldwide already on it, this is a powerful business marketing communications tool ready and waiting for you to put it to work.

Your company could be using WhatsApp to deliver personalized customer support or communicate important notifications, updates, and offers. We are talking about enterprise brand to customer communications that can connect you with your targeted prospect or client.

So What’s Up with WhatsApp? Why Is It So Popular?

WhatsApp functions as a free way for users to make local, long distance, or international voice and video calls, which explains why it is so widely used. The cost for clients to download the app and to receive messages from you or communicate with you is free to them unless their individual service contract includes data charges. Why incur costs on your mobile network when internet calling is free?

Users can send messages, pictures, videos and voice recordings, with WhatsApp, in addition to live voice and video calls. And this application functions on iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone, Mac laptops and Windows PC, which means it bridges the gap between iPhone and Android phones, going where iPhone’s Facetime cannot.

Messaging Features

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption of messages. It features talk-to-text, group messaging, and it shows users both when a message is received and when it has been read. It even allows senders to retract a message they’ve already sent if the recipient has not read it yet.

WhatsApp Business

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp interfaces well with Facebook advertising. WhatsApp Business includes features you won’t find on the personal Messenger app. The free Business app is designed with small businesses in mind. Mid- to large-size businesses likely reap the biggest benefits by working directly with a digital advertising company that is a Facebook Preferred Partner and also has strong Big Data relationships.

What’s Up with WhatsApp? Seychelle Media
The WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

Equipped with ethical and compliant targeting capabilities that go far beyond Facebook’s parameters, Seychelle Media can incorporate the app two billion people are already using into your digital advertising campaigns.

With WhatsApp and a seasoned digital marketing team behind you, your brand can dynamically expand your reach and increase campaign touch points. In the process, you will drive up your ROI and produce some very satisfying results.

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