What TV Shows Teach Us About Marketing on Twitter

Television shows boast advertising numbers from millions of viewers, but they have a huge following online as well. TV shows are able to leverage their audiences through online marketing and test different marketing campaigns to see what their audience will engage with. Twitter followers, Facebook fans and sites like Reddit or Tumblr prove that the Internet creates massive buzz for popular shows and even decently popular programs.

Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and many others are just a few different shows whose social media strategy combines several types of advertising techniques–and they have a massive following from several online communities. The social media network has allowed television shows to enhance the personality of characters and even the overall series, which makes it even more beloved by fans online. Twitter has developed over the years, and it is obvious big television shows are taking advantage of the social development they can gain to boost awareness of their shows.

Engage with Better Photos and Videos

Photos are still very effective on Twitter. TV shows like Better Call Saul once used a photo from one of their most famous episodes, and it received massive retweets and was well received. Sharing photos that interest people can make a world of difference to your readers and followers.

Find out what kind of content people in your market want to share. “Five Critical Tips for Identifying Your Target Audience” gives you some insight on how to research your audience. There are markets where photos work best, and there are also markets where videos may best suit your readers. Be engaging with your readers through pictures on Twitter. Another thing to keep in mind is that your readers want something to retweet, so give them something worth retweeting. Some audience research through looking at competitors is one way to approach your own photo and video sharing strategy.

Most of all, post often. You should be posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram every day. Typically, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are open to multiple posts per day. Facebook fans like an average of 1 to 3 posts per day equally spread out so you aren’t taking up too much space on their timeline.

Know What Your Audience Talks About

The hardest part about using Twitter is that you may not know what people are talking about. Hashtags play a big role on this site. Create your own hashtags that will get people tweeting about your business and creating engagements. Find out what people in your market are talking about. Most TV shows love utilizing their storylines and cliffhangers to get people talking online. What are some ways you can get people talking about your business and products? You can give an outrageous discount or create a big contest to bring in more user-generated content.

Locate what it is that you believe people will be talking about and retweeting from you. It’s always about being outrageous online and making your business stand out from the others. What will cause your readers to talk about your brand? You’re the only person who knows your market and current readers the most, so try to find what will get your readers interested.

TweetChat is a browser tool that you can use to see the latest conversations on Twitter and even join them to add to the conversation, bringing more traffic to your Twitter page.

Interaction Plays A Huge Role In Organic Mentions

Want people talking about you all day long? The key to organic mentions is going beyond the benchmark in creativity. You have to think of images, articles and videos that appeal to your visitors that they haven’t seen before. Another problem for most businesses is never actually responding to those who tweet back to the company or comment on the company Facebook page. The Twitter account for Better Caul Saul receives numerous tweets during their season run, and when people would tweet with one of their hashtags, the show responded with a meme or a video from the show. It’s a simple little way for engaging the readers.

Your business should try to engage your readers each and every day. If the tweets are slow, then reply to every single post your account receives. Be fun, energetic, and create a sense of community between your followers and your brand. Remind them that you are all on the same level.

Keep Them Interested in Your Content

On Twitter, people don’t need to be talking about a certain topic when that topic is going viral. In other words, people are tweeting about different shows even when the season is over or during days when the sow isn’t airing. The problem for most people is that they don’t keep the conversation going. Even if a single person were to tweet about your brand, you  can start retweeting or responding to those tweets. Companies also have to distinguish themselves as an authority on social networks. Then those companies will be invited to Twitter Chats. If you find social influencers and other companies who are constantly creating Twitter Chats, tweet and follow them in order to start joining those conversations.

What are things you could do to keep people interested? When that holiday sale is over, what can you talk about to get people talking?

As you build more followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook, you’ll get a comfortable place where you see what content really drives activity and what doesn’t get people motivated to reply. You can also start your own chats and learn from users on what content to post.

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