This Squirrel Matches the Seychelle Media Website!

?If you have somehow missed hearing about oversized, vibrantly-colored squirrels, we’re about to seriously brighten (pun intended) your day. An amateur photographer in India snapped pictures recently of this amazing/stunning/unbelievable rodent, known as the Malabar giant squirrel. 

Here’s what makes these spectacular squirrels so incredible:

  • They’re BIG! Typically Malabar squirrels reach twice the size of the  squirrels you commonly see in the park.
  • Forget boring grays and browns; these squirrels are rich (and random) shades of magenta, cobalt, maroon, and purple with touches of orange and mustard yellow (because who doesn’t add a warm accent shade to their color palette?)
  • Best of all, these squirrels match our Seychelle Media website colors! We kid you not. And if you haven’t been there already, we invite you to visit our website to see for yourself…  What do you think, have we found our spirit animal!?!

Read more here: Stunning photos of colorful Malabar giant squirrels go viral

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