Timeshare SEO Strategy: Making Social Media Matter

We’re finally ready to unveil the final step in your timeshare SEO strategy.


Tip #5: Optimize Your Social Media, Too!

Everyone knows social media matters, yet it’s still difficult to define just how much social media matters. In terms of SEO strategy, it can deteriorate your ranking in comparison to a competitor who does have tons of social media content. Search engines also actively look to put together a “brand view” in search results that includes your main website, map location, images, social media profiles and relevant news.

Every brand should try to be accessible on as many social networks as possible. You can use scheduling tools to select certain channels that should be updated more frequently and how to publish content on those channels. Tools like Buffer allow you to schedule out content based on the time of the day that people are most socially active.

For your SEO strategy, these social media profiles are helpful to get set up first:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus  
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Not all of these social media networks will appeal to your audiences. It’s up to you to define what channels make sense to pursue.

The mindset of our golf travelers likely places them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, making sure that Google Plus is up to date is also crucial to getting the best ranking in Google.

Search engine results are not just about Google, Yahoo or Bing. People also search on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for different news topics, travel advice and hashtags. As social circles and trends have become easier to track online, it’s important to pick the channels that will be most actively followed by your target audience.


The Complete Timeshare SEO Strategy

We built an SEO strategy for a brand that appeals to timeshare owners who love golfing with the family. In this model, we identified keywords particular to the timeshare owners’ interests while also thinking about the ways that we would build and deliver that content. As we publish content, we can use several different channels including social media to gain more visibility and continuously drive traffic back to our client’s branded products and services.


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