Timeshare SEO Strategy: Influencer Marketing and Link Building

Are you building the biggest audience possible with your SEO? We provide some tips on how to create new links and draw in influencers to get more visibility online in our latest installment of our Timeshare SEO Strategy series. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Tip #4: Cultivate Link Building Relationships

In this sea of Internet users, everyone wants to stand out. With audience, keywords and content in place, it’s time to start building links. For a period of time, marketers saw great returns by sending out as many links as possible using not-so-great “black hat” tactics like spamming. While those days are gone, link building is still necessary. Through social media, guest blogging, press releases and earned coverage, you can begin to develop a great backlink profile.


Identify key relationships that will help you build visibility and links. Here it is as applied to our timeshare golfer example:

  • Social media influencers
    • Mark Crossfield, the Golf Guru
    • Rick Shiels
    • Peter Finch
    • Patricia Hannigan
  • In-market online media
    • Igolftravelnews.com
    • Golfdigest.com
    • golfandtravelmagazine.com
  • In-market print media
    • Golf World
    • Golf Digest
    • GOLF Magazine
    • Developments Magazine
  • Industry specific directories
    • Worldgolfdirectory.com
    • GolfNow
    • DMOZ
  • Special interest blogs
    • PGA Golf Blog
    • Golf Adviso
    • Golf Link
    • Golf Travel Guru
    • Inside the Gate
  • Non-profit sponsorships
    • The First Tee
    • Button Hole Golf
    • National Golf Foundation


How did we define influencers for this market? We searched for keywords related to what we thought our audience would search for. For example, many golfers likely follow the Golf Channel, and they may look at content from Rick Shiels on Twitter. They may also subscribe to different online blogs, and they may follow certain print media related to Golf World.

Each of these relationships can be looked at as a link building asset. By building relationships with these influencers, blogs, news outlets and special interest directories, we start to capture more visibility in places where our audience is looking for content and guidance.

Now that we have this list, we can start looking at places to advertise and place links. We would likely target one or two trade magazines and reach out to bloggers to start a linking profile relationship. Now it comes down to content creation. As we pick out links for our content, we will think of topics that apply to our guest blogger’s interests and focus on what our audience would like to read. We can then link to certain landing pages on the client’s site that will support the links and also give a reader a quick way to purchase a package or learn more about touring a resort.

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