The Most Innovative Ways to Market Timeshare Resorts

Each year the competition grows steeper for timeshare resorts, and traditional marketing methods are growing stagnant. While the market is declining in some aspects, there are several new markets opening up that are positive for vacation ownership development. Creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting and memorability are all important when considering what’s the best way to market for your resort.

These are some of the most innovative trends for marketing timeshare that resorts can incorporate into their strategies for 2015 and beyond.

1. Marketing Automation & Loyalty Programs

What if you were able to provide a service to your members that continuously provided something of use for them? Whether it was a helpful tip for their next timeshare vacation or a timely email about an excursion they can book when visiting your resort, there are several opportunities resort owners can explore to increase their interactions with owners.

One of the best ways is through a loyalty or membership program. These are programs that reward owners for making some type of transaction or even a referral to your resort. By tracking your owners through these programs, you can create marketing automation flows that are designed to educate and encourage them to interact in some way with your brand–automatically. They earn points towards something they want, and sales teams get new leads and audience insights that they can put towards better offers for owners.

2. Social Media Integrated Ad Campaigns

Social media is a great frontier for timeshare resorts, especially if you want to create integrated advertising campaigns. These campaigns focus on great content that entertains and educates potential and current owners. Your brand’s visibility online is dependent on a strong social picture.

Integrated campaigns are tailored to modern audiences as well. Content has to provide something of value on social media, whether artistic, educational or funny. People are looking for something that they can share and that provides value to their everyday lives.

In a private client study, we found that owners enjoy seeing visual content of their resorts. They like to see events, new features and staff photos in addition to seasonal content with personalized messages.

Some brands have taken integrated social media ad campaigns to the next level. For example, Holiday Inn created “On the Journey to Extraordinary.” While definitely promotional content of the Holiday Inn brand, it works for a younger, modern audience because it supports their ideals and values.

3. Email Marketing & Retargeting

Another clever way to generate bigger ROI is through email marketing. While we touched on marketing automation earlier, email marketing is a great way to personally reach out to potential and current owners. You gain insights into what they want to read about while also providing them with a valuable communication that they can use to share and interact with your brand.

In addition, you can combine these timeshare email marketing campaigns with another marketing strategy called retargeting or remarketing. Together, this places your brand and offers right in front of the owner.

Build an integrated timeshare digital marketing strategy that combines all of these ideas and more by partnering with the timeshare marketing experts at Seychelle Media. Request a quote for more details.

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