The Human Side of Your Social Media Page

There is a difference in who you are and what you do. It is the same with companies. So as a company, when you have a social media presence, you need to be promoting who you are and not so much what you do. It is important to present yourself as a thinking, feeling human being more so than a building or a sales figure.

To give your company humanity means you have to remind people why they chose you in the first place. To really put a human voice to your brand means you have to create engaging conversation. Here are a few simple but profound rules of engagement:

• Speak directly and honestly to your audience
• Listen and provide feedback to all replies
• Create and maintain relationships with your fans and followers
• Promote and share experiences with all visitors

Be In Your Face

Don’t be afraid to speak directly to your customers on social media. You should know who is buying your product before you engage with them. How else will you be able to speak honestly? You need to make sure these loyal customers are the ones you are talking to and listening to on any social media platform you choose.

They need to see your corporate face and themselves in your reflection to know they made the right choice. Remind them often of the reason you are here and how much this means to the company. The corporate culture you hold dear is a mirror and says this is who we are and we are the same as you.

Lend Them Your Ears

Make use of your audience; get them engaged, asking questions and giving feedback. Then listen to what is being said and publicly acknowledge it. You may already be successful on social media, but if you ignore the criticisms or the accolades, you won’t be for long. Other visitors need to see you are listening and responding as well.

Not everyone who visits is a customer but if there is a sure fire way to lose one, it’s by ignoring the ones you have. When you don’t listen or respond, the people who are engaged will and they aren’t afraid to tell others.

Give a Shout Out

If you really want to connect, make a friend. Reach out, take a chance and speak directly to just one person. Thank them or offer an unsolicited reward. Give something of yourself and don’t ask for anything in return.

People watch and judge from a distance. If they see things they don’t like, they’re going to share it. But when they witness true friendship, their loyalty is earned and promoted. When your customers are on multiple social media platforms, so are you, even if you aren’t.

Have a Sense of Humor

Why do so many watch the Superbowl? The funny commercials, of course! And nothing ignites social media faster than thousands of shares about how funny, sad or upset something has just made them. It is these moments when you find out what really touches the heart or the nerve of your customer.

So be bold and don’t be afraid to let a little funny bone show in your corporate culture. Whether you’re Dilbert or Doonesbury, be consistent about it. Share a laugh with your customers and they’ll return the favor. Nothing creates a relationship more quickly than a smile so have your brand creating smiles when you’re on social media.

How can you get people to buy your product on social media? Well, that’s a marketing problem. But in the meantime, your brand needs to create social experiences that are just that, SOCIAL. Worry more about your corporate values than the bottom line.

Get people engaged in your company by what you say and how you interact. Create a social atmosphere where customers feel comfortable interacting with you. That’s what we humans do, we connect to each other in many different ways. By sharing, commenting and engaging in an upbeat, relaxed platform is how you bring them all to your door.

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