The Case for Big Data. Restating the Obvious.

The Case for Big Data

“Ninety-one percent of brands agree that customers want convenient and highly personalized experiences when interacting with a brand, and 93% agree that consumers are more likely to spend money with a brand they feel connected to.”*

Aren’t we all overthinking and overcomplicating things? Most consumers prefer to see advertising that is relevant and helpful to them, rather than to see ads for products and services they have no interest in buying.

Access to Big Data enables brands to market people who are statistically most likely to be interested in hearing from them. It helps make the message relevant and personalized and even benefits consumers by helping brands control marketing costs and ultimately keep prices down.

Alternately, brands could blindly bombard people with their brand message hoping they will hit the right audience and their message will stick.

Seychelle Media: Leveraging Big Data Relationships for (Your) New Customer Acquisition.

* How Customers Think, Feel, And Act: The Paradigm Of Business Outcomes  A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By FocusVision, June 2019

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