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Celebrating Technology and Tourism in Orlando: Sharing news from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at UCF about this week’s 1st International Conference on Smart Tourism and Enabling Technologies.

Academics and Industry Experts Come Together May 1-3, 2019, in Orlando, FloridaUCF Rosen College logo Tourism and Enabling Technologies

Orlando, FL – As the worldwide economy moves towards smart digital technology, a collaborative effort is underway between academics, tourism industry experts, engineers and computer scientists, who will come together May 1-3, 2019, for the 1st International Conference on Smart Tourism, Smart Cities and Enabling Technologies, referred to as The Smart Conference.

Jointly organized by the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Rosen College of Hospitality Management and the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), The Smart Conference takes place in Orlando, Florida, – in the heart of hospitality at Rosen College – within the tourism hub of the city.

Three days of keynote speakers, panel discussions and thematic presentations are scheduled to engage industry professionals, alumni of both colleges, and academics from around the globe. Among the keynote speakers, delivering a variety of presentations are:

  • Dimitrios Buhalis, Ph.D., Professor of Tourism Management, Bournemouth University, UK; Title of Presentation: Smart Tourism and the Re-engineering of the Tourism Industry
  • Gary Daniels, Vice President, Digital Experiences, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; Title of Presentation: Innovation with Purpose to Transform Experiences
  • Sajal K. Das, Ph.D., Endowed Chair Professor of Computer Science, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Title of Presentation: Designing Sustainable Smart and Connected Communities
  • Dan R. Fesenmaier, Ph.D., Director, National Laboratory for Tourism & eCommerce (NLTeC), Modul University Vienna; Title of Presentation: Designing Smart Tourism for the Future
  • Timothy Jung, Ph.D., Professor & Director, Creative AR & VR Hub, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Title of Presentation: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Smart Experience
  • Satish V. Ukkusuri, Ph.D., Professor of Civil Engineering & Director of Urban Mobility, Networks, and Intelligence Lab, Purdue University; Title of Presentation: Smart Mobility Analytics in an Era of Accelerated Technological Change

The conference is geared towards academics, researchers, industry consultants, operators and professionals, public administrators, tourism policy makers and national tourism organizations in hospitality, engineering, computer science, data science, city planning and development, and informatics, as well as graduate students who may be studying in the aforementioned areas of specialization.

The conference will also present informative panel discussions and thematic presentations supported by world renowned researchers and leading industry practitioners. Among the panel discussions and thematic session topics are:

  • Governments working smart for innovative transformation, citizen engagement and social impact.
  • Smart Tourism, its applications and implications
  • Cybersecurity and its implications
  • Using Big Data Analytics to Create Better Guest Experiences
  • Urbanization and Smart Cities
  • Smart Transportation Systems
  • Using Big Data to Catalyze Innovation and Economic Prosperity in Smart Cities
  • Smart systems integration: industrial and system engineering perspectives
  • Energy Technologies for Smart Communities

The Smart Conference is co-chaired by the deans of Rosen College of Hospitality Management and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at UCF, Dr. Youcheng Wang, ([email protected]), Dean and Preeminent Professor, and Dr. Michael Georgiopoulos, ([email protected]), Dean and Pegasus Professor. Registration for The Smart Conference can be found at:

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