Every Brand Has a Story to Tell, Here’s A Little Bit of Ours

SEychelle Media Storytelling Marketing

Christmas week is a time for telling stories. There’s the one about a grinchy fellow who couldn’t bear being left out of the happiness others share during the holidays. And another one about a reindeer whose nose was too bright, until his over-amped snout positioned him to lead others and save the night. Of course, there’s that very special story of the tiny baby whose birth in a manger was marked by the brightest, shining star, and heralded by a band of angels.

The Magic of Storytelling

A big part of everything we do for our clients at Seychelle Media begins with their story. Much of our role focuses on communicating their story in ways that are captivating and meaningful and then ensuring that the story reaches precisely the target market our client is seeking. Doing this well requires intense creativity, solid working partnerships with the powerhouses of Big Data, and tech skills and experience so vast and deep they might have to be measured in tonnage. (Yes, we have an incredible team.)

The “I-Test” in Storytelling

With storytelling comes not only the responsibility to be engaging but just as importantly to be authentic and transparent. For storytelling to resonate with the target audience, the audience must also feel connected in some way to that story. After hearing it, the audience should have thoughts that involve the words “I”, “me” or “my” as in, “I would like to go on a trip like that” or “My life would be better if I owned that.” Sometimes the “I” connection is less about a product or service and more about “I understand what that company is trying to do” or “I connect with that idea.”

The Seychelle Media Story

Our digital marketing agency was founded by Jason Tremblay (that’s me) and my amazing wife and business partner, Brooke. We met because we were working in digital marketing and we had about a half-zillion connection points that synched instantly and perfectly. From our love of the beach to our passion for helping brands successfully connect with their market, Brooke and I are in lockstep.

Obviously, we couldn’t have built this company alone. We’ve got a small army of talented people who work with us, starting with Simon Crawford-Welch, PhD, Principal and Chief Operating Officer.  

Who Doesn’t Love a Good ♥ Love Story?

We’re sharing this with you because this is our authentic and transparent story. And if our story resonates with you, after you’ve taken some well-deserved time to enjoy this magical season, we invite you to contact us. We’ll give you every reason to fall in love with ROI-driven digital marketing that connects with exactly the people you want to reach.

Let’s get together and talk about sharing your story and how Seychelle Media writes powerful marketing campaigns with incredibly happy endings.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Best Wishes for a Bright and Bountiful New Year!

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