Social Media for Law Firms

Social Media for Law Firms

The National Law Review is not a publication that typically devotes much in the way of headlines to the topic of social media for law firms. Everything about social platforms tends to feel a little too loosey-goosey and impossible to control to make those in the legal profession comfortable. And then there are all those State Bar Associations, each with its own set of guidelines for ethics and professional standards regarding attorney advertising and marketing.  

All of which makes it so exciting to see the article written by Guy Alvarez that was published just this week by the National Law Review.

“The use of social media by businesses, including law firms,” writes Alvarez, “has evolved significantly.” In fact, he goes so far as to describe where law firms are today as “the second phase” of social media marketing.”

Alverez challenges law firms to engage their own employees to amplify their social media outreach. He also provides some great suggestions for how to launch this type of grass roots effort.

Attorneys, much like investment brokers, financial advisors and many other professionals in heavily regulated and compliance scrutinized industries, have often found it easier to do little to nothing than risk the sanctions that might be imposed on them for doing the wrong thing. But law firms, along with other professionals, are growing tired of sitting on the sidelines, using social media in its most generic form. They are ready to “generate measurable business value…achieving a return on investment.”

ROI: Now You’re Talking Our Language

At Seychelle Media, we describe our digital advertising agency as being “ROI-centric.” That’s because online advertising and social engagement not only allows you to connect with your market and define your brand, it empowers you to lead your prospects into and through your conversion funnel. Yes, what we do is creative. And it’s pretty darn exciting. But more than anything else it is MEASURABLE, enabling us to target, adjust and reload as much as necessary to ensure optimal results and ROI for our clients… even when they are operating within the messaging and marketing parameters of a highly-regulated profession.  

Social Media for Law Firms

Attorneys, mortgage bankers, and other professionals in highly regulated industries are among some of our biggest success stories. Their market prospects are ripe and receptive to engage with them on the platforms they—the prospects—are already using.

Attorneys are realizing that engaging in Facebook advertising and social media for law firms is putting them far ahead of their competitors. There’s not many places online where a business can still carve out a stake hold, positioning itself as a frontrunner simply because competitor brands and firms haven’t yet taken the leap… but Facebook advertising and social media for law firms is clearly still one of them.  

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