The Relaunch of SFX Preferred Resorts: To the Top of Timeshare Vacation Exchange

Serving a demographic of roughly 220,000 timeshare owners, SFX Preferred Resorts touts an incredible reputation for quality and reliability out of all timeshare exchange companies. When it came time to update their website and online timeshare owner experience, SFX’s founder Mel Grant  wasn’t content to just meet the timeshare industry benchmark. SFX enlisted Seychelle Media to pioneer an innovation digital platform for timeshare owners, partners and potential members. As part of SFX’s new digital marketing strategy, Seychelle Media knew that it was time to relaunch the brand and in doing so, a new website. We knew that the project would not only place SFX beyond the timeshare industry benchmark but create a central point of conversion.

Today, we are pleased to announce the  relaunch of SFX Preferred Resorts‘ website, After months of research, development, user testing and design, we created an all new experience for SFX Preferred Resorts. The new site’s architecture is optimized for conversions and reflects SFX’s modern, artful personality. The idea was to combine an online user experience that matched the high quality vacation experience with the conversion and timeshare strategy that sets SFX apart from other vacation websites.

Going Beyond the Benchmark


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Our main goals for the new website included new technology, conversion, improving user experience and authority in the timeshare industry. We wanted to make it easier for members to access the resources that they needed while also incorporating new technology that would track and convert visitors into paying members who use SFX Preferred Resorts to deposit and exchange timeshare properties.

With such an innovative concept, SFX needed a real enterprise solution that would require complex development an an eye for the timeshare owner’s experience. From the beginning, we worked closely with the SFX team to define business objectives and introduce new technology and resources that would prove to be inconsequential to the new branding of the vacation exchange company.

The new website launch is just in time, too. Today is also the first exhibition day of ARDA’s annual convention at the Orlando World Center Marriott. The booth and videos featured at the convention will reveal the website for the first time to timeshare exchange industry movers and shakers.

SFX is investing heavily in technology and product development so that it can better serve members and partners. The first step was creating an all new online experience that can drive conversions, social media strategy and search engine traffic. The next step will involve an integrated digital marketing strategy with the website as the cornerstone to making it all work.

Read the press release or go to the new


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