Seychelle Media Drives Conversions and Big Numbers with Facebook and Big Data

Seychelle Media Drives Conversions and Big Numbers with Facebook and Big Data

Orlando, FL — (January 30, 2018) Digital marketing innovator, Seychelle Media, produced measurable and often mind-boggling levels of engagement and conversion for its clients in 2017 using strategies that are typically unknown and unavailable to many marketing professionals. Leveraging Facebook’s partnership with Big Data, Seychelle Media harnessed the power of highest-level data science to deliver to its clients, responsive audiences, enhanced relationships and viable leads.

“Because of our association with Facebook and the aggregated send volume of our clients,” said Seychelle Media founder Jason Tremblay, “we have access to pinpoint-precise, deep data that most Facebook business account holders and even most agencies cannot obtain. Facebook is far brawnier and more sophisticated as a lead generation and customer acquisition tool than the majority of marketers realize or have right of entry to use. We put that heft to work for our clients and it yields remarkable results.”

From January 1 through December 31, 2017, Seychelle Media managed 35 active Facebook ad accounts for its corporate clients, deploying 862 unique Facebook ad campaigns. Seychelle Media cites ongoing analytics that quantify the impact of this proprietary marketing service:

  • 231,469 account holders were inspired to share campaign ads with their friends
  • 986,552 liked, loved or were wowed by the ads
  • 818,592 sales leads were generated
  • And 12,526,013 Facebook users were motivated to take actions as a direct result of Seychelle Media managed ad campaigns

Case studies of companies that have reaped the benefits of Seychelle Media’s data-driven advertising practices include a diversity of industries and a range of marketing budgets and market depth. Some smaller companies have budgeted only a few hundred dollars for Facebook ad campaign spending yet have seen returns as great as 32,933 impressions, including 1,731 viewers who acted because of the campaign and 186 leads. For clients with bigger budgets and deeper markets, campaign spending has run as high as just under a million dollars in Facebook advertising, yielding nearly 113.5 million impressions, 4.7 million viewers inspired to action and 283,527 viable sales leads.


Facebook’s competitively priced advertising options are available at significantly lower costs than many traditional advertising and marketing strategies, which can magnify the value of Seychelle Media’s proprietary targeted protocols many times over.

Tremblay, a successful serial entrepreneur with a track record of launching game-changing digital marketing stratagems, observed, “Our client base includes some select niches such as timeshare developers and vacation ownership that historically have a high cost per conversion. For decades, they’ve approached their market prepared to spend large amounts per prospect in order to make their sale. They are blown away by our capability to help them connect with their market and spend far less in client acquisition cost than they have spent in the past.

“And for all we accomplished in 2017,” he added, “Seychelle Media is on track to reach substantially greater milestones in the months to come as we help more clients achieve goals and realize their growth potential.”


About Seychelle Media: ( Seychelle Media is an ROI-centric Digital Marketing Agency built on creative energy, insatiable curiosity and disruptive strategy. The Agency’s services include a collective of disciplines, united by the objective of building brand awareness and converting customers online, including Facebook Advertising, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and Pay for Performance Marketing. The Seychelle Media Team specializes in the generation of highly qualified and motivated prospects through the use of proprietary uber-targeting and segmentation methodologies based on its Agency Partner status with Facebook. The company, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is honored to serve partner-clients across the globe in multiple industry verticals including hospitality, transportation, financial services, retail and real estate.


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