Removing “Failure” from Your Marketing Plan

Removing Failure from Your Marketing Plan Seychelle Media

Seth Godin calls a marketing failure a “mismatch between what you built and the market.” At Seychelle Media, we call that kind of mismatch, “failure to utilize the quantifiable metrics of digital marketing.”

When organizations employ sound digital marketing strategies, there is no mismatch between what is built and the market… a mismatch is inherently impossible. Properly executed digital marketing is strategic, hyper-targeted, and discriminately specific. The advertiser chooses exactly who they want to talk to, whether it’s:

  • Their Core Audience– an audience based on identifiable and specific characteristics, such as age, location, education, buying history, FICO Score, web activity, or any of millions of other unique data points.
  • A Custom Audience– the organization’s pre-identified contact list.
  • A Lookalike Audience– individuals who fit your client type, but don’t happen to be your clients…yet.

 Yes, but HOW does an advertiser then reach this target?

Easy. You appear in the places your defined audience frequents. You present your offer in a way you know will appeal to them. And then, you respond when they engage with you… and they will engage!

There are no marketing failures when your metrics are sound and strategic. There is only greater brand exposure, increased lead volume, increased lead quality, a shortened sales cycle, more conversions and better ROI.

And if any of these by-products of marketing success interest you, then we should talk!

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