Four Companies That Successfully Remade Their Brands

Rebranding is a technique used by many companies, or even celebrities and politicians, in order to re-establish themselves with customers and attempt to make a brand more marketable. It could be as big as changing the company’s logo or just coming up with a better slogan such as when Walmart changed their slogan from “Always Low Prices” to “Save Money. Live Better.”

When rebranding, you may just want to appeal to a whole new audience or change because you may be losing relevance. Companies even rebrand if they are expecting a certain amount of new growth. Others rebrand due to legal issues, forcing a complete change in logos and other marketing materials.

Here are four companies that successfully remade their brand in the past five years:

1. Old Spice

Old Spice has been around for over 70 years; I bet most people wouldn’t know that. If you’re like me, you probably thought Old Spice had been a newer type of toiletry product. But then Isaiah Mustafa came into our lives, and he was a complete hit. It became viral sensations and gained well over 10 million views on YouTube.

They didn’t stop at the commercials and made over 100 videos of Isaiah Mustafa responding to bloggers and celebrities. After Isaiah Mustafa’s work, the company rose 11 percent in the stock market, and their sales continued to gain momentum. They’ve been a favorite brand ever since the change.

They rebranded themselves by:
– Hiring a very entertaining man who made me want to watch their commercials.
– Came up with a simple but catchy slogan – “Smell like a man, man.”
– A targeted video campaign that spoke to their audience.
– Building up Isaiah Mustafa as a celebrity, placing him in interviews and giving him more publicity.

2. McDonalds

McDonalds was always a place to eat fattening fast food. The image gave way to people who complain and even blame McDonalds for allowing them to gain weight because of their food – some people even sued. After the documentary “Super Size Me,” McDonalds was almost forced to rebrand. The movie mocked and warned that they were the leading cause of obesity in Americans today.

After the documentary, McDonalds came out with a variety of different salads, parfaits, apples as sides and other healthy choices. You can also order fries without salt, before the documentary you couldn’t. Many Americans had complained that there was too much salt in the fries. Statistics has shown that McDonalds has risen 5.3 percent in sales after the campaign.

They rebranded themselves by:
– Hired Justin Timberlake to come up with a jingle to go with their slogan “I’m Lovin It.”
– Created healthier choices, to remove the idea that they were making America fat.
– Created better options for “Happy Meals” like apples for sides instead of fries.
– They cut certain items from the menu that were not appealing because of “bad fat.”

3. VH1

VH1 Rebranding

The VH1 brand had been largely untouched for over a decade, but back in 2013, the company started to change their logo. They had been successful for years with the original block-style VH1 logo, but they decided that they wanted something fresher in a new logo design. The goal was to reach out to a younger audience and bring in teen viewers to VH1 as well as satisfy their older audience.

VH1 does everything from silly reality shows, the music, and social experiments. They wanted to add a plus symbol to their logo, telling us they do a little of everything. So what they did was merge the plus and the ‘H’ together to become VH+1.

They rebranded themselves with the following. You can see the methodology and complete redesign process at Gretel NY’s VH1+ redesign page.
– Changing to logo, making it more fluid and retro.
– Launching a campaign and putting new posters of their brand all over the place.
– Putting the plus on everything so we can never forget.

4. WWE

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is arguably one of the most popular brand out there today. They constantly rank number one trending on Twitter every day that their show airs and get more views than ESPN and their sports shows combined. They have a show called “Raw” that is the longest episodic show in history.

But before WWE, there was WWF. It was the World Wildlife Foundation and World Wrestling Federation going toe to toe. Both organizations fought hard for the rights to use the WWF logo and after a long fought battle, wrestling had lost. But it wasn’t a loss. Although they were now forced to blur any images showing WWF in their video library.

They launched a campaign called “Get The F Out,” which was very successful. They marketed it on t-shirts, commercials and everything in-between.

They Rebranded themselves by:
– Creating a new logo.
– The catchy, “Get The F Out” campaign.
– Rolling with the punches after a lawsuit.

All in all, rebranding is an excellent tool to use whether you just want to increase your audience because no one knows about you, facing legal troubles or just want to enhance your productivity. Companies can learn a thing or two from all these companies mentioned.

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