Are You Working on Presidents Day? Here’s Who is Not

Who Works Presidents Day 2019

? Presidents Day is a federal holiday, established by Congress in 1885. Created to honor George Washington, the holiday was originally celebrated on February 22, George Washington’s birthday. The day is now intended to honor all Presidents. But few of us bake a Presidents Day cake or plan a commemorative party… so what do we do on Presidents Day?

Well, most of us get up and go to work. And retailers would like you to believe that those who do have the day off, spend it shopping at highly advertised, deeply-discounted sales.  MarketWatch says if you’re going shopping the best buys will be furniture and home goods, winter apparel, appliances and technology and electronics.

Who is Closed on Presidents Day:

  • Federal government offices
  • State government offices
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles, (generally) ?
  • Most schools
  • Most banks. Many TD Bank branches are OPEN today, however the Federal Reserve ? is closed so most transactions made today are not processed
  • The U.S. mail, although UPS and FedEx are OPEN
  • Financial and bond markets including the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq

Who is Working Today:

How about you? Are you working today or enjoying a long weekend?

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