Don’t Google Me: Is Your Online Reputation Risking Your Business?

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Did you know that 84% of millennials conduct research on brands before purchasing from them? According to all statistics that relate to search engine rankings, each business that had a couple of good reviews on the first page of any search engine got a lot more business from their online placement than other businesses with bad or no reviews. Although having good reviews from listings like Yelp and Yahoo could prove to help a business’s reputation, they can easily fall down the ranks of search engines over time and get replaced with bad reviews or other reviews of a similar business to yours.

Now there is no way to force Google and Yahoo to place your listing at the top of their pages, but there are many ways to improve your rank by simply monitoring every page where reviews are present of your business. That’s time consuming! However, it’s necessary in a world where research is as easy as typing the first few letters of your business name into search. If you are on top of your online reputation, you will always be on top of your brand’s visibility and customer feedback as well.

Manage Your Online Reputation

In order to start taking care of your online reputation, you should start with a Google search of your business name. If you don’t find your business in search results or there are very little results related specifically to your business, then you need to start setting up pages for your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo and so forth. Once you have begun to set up your business online, then you need to follow through with some management practices.

Set up online alerts: Finding out if any reviews are available about your business online can be done easily by setting up Google Alerts. If any reviews are posted online with your business name, Google will send the business owner an e-mail with a link to the post.

Buy a domain with your business name: Buying a domain site for your business is the number one step to have a location to send any customers that are interested in your business. Although you can create a business profile using Yelp, it is always better to set up your own website, and make sure you update it’s contents regularly.

Don’t cheat: A lot of people think since it’s so easy to create e-mails and use them to post positive reviews about your business, Google has a way to figure out that it was not a legitimate review, and instead of promoting and expanding the business’s reputation, it can destroy your reputation with search engines. Believe it or not, there are ways to tell that a review is completely fake.

Build Your Positive Reviews

It is really annoying for a customer to be forced to write a review about any business, but if the business owner took steps to making writing a review as easy as possible, then the customer wouldn’t have any objections about writing a positive review.

Really good or very poor quality customer service will always get you a review: If your business is a service business, expect reviews to pour in from customers as soon as they get a chance. Making sure to leave a great impression should be enough. Requesting a positive review from the customer can be done after the job is complete, and the customer looks like they really enjoyed your service.

Always respond to a review: It doesn’t matter if the review is good or bad, what really matters is how the business owner responds. If you helped fix the problem professionally, then you are a trustworthy business. If you duck and hide, and attempt to delete comments, you will be looked at as a scam artist.

New social networks are being founded every couple of months, and signing up for all of them will increase your online presence drastically, in addition to keeping your customers involved with what your business is ready to launch, and what new products you have to offer that they might have missed during the visit to the store.

Rest assured that no business will grow overnight, and the reviews will have to come one by one. Don’t worry if you can’t find any links about your business before you buy yourself a domain name. The process starts after you create a name for yourself that the internet can pull business up using. It is very important to choose the name that is used as your doing business as name because choosing a different name for the website may alter the results that come up to people, instead sending the customer to a different business due to the mistake.