On Demand: Get it When You Want It

The demand for on demand

Most of us aren’t very patient people. And computers, equipped with an endless sea of digital data, standing ever ready for response, only make us increasingly less patient and less flexible. Last year, get-it-when-you-want-it products and services saw a jump from 40 million offerings in 2017 to over 56 million in 2018. That’s right, there are now more than 56 million goods or services you can get “whenever it’s right for you.”

Number one in growth among get-it-when-you-want-it platforms were online marketplaces, followed by transportation (can you say Uber?), housing, food delivery and health and beauty products and services. New niches continually pop up in the world of “on demand” products and services. There’s an app that connects auto part distributors, retailers, repair shops and automobile dealers, and there are apps for on-demand background report checkers and on-demand medical care. You name it, it’s out there or soon will be.

As Inc Magazine contributing editor, Jeff Haden wrote, Flexibility is a must. Customers are conditioned to expect a fast and personalized experience when they interact with your business. They want short hold times, solutions, and access to a human being who can solve their problem when they are unable to get solutions otherwise. Responsiveness wins greater share of mind and wallet.”

To keep up with this escalating growth, the pool of workers for get-it-when-you-want-it platforms jumped from 5.4 million people in 2017 to 6.6 million in 2018. And although delivering on demand services is more, shall we say, “demanding” and complex both for humans and the apps built to support them, there’s no reason to expect the demand for on demand to slow down any time soon.

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