New Year’s ROI: Return on Investment Resolutions

New Years Resolution Return on Investment

Friday, January 17, 2020. Mark it on your calendar. It’s the day most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions.

You already know the reasons resolutions fail. Distractions. Old habits. Loss of motivation. And perhaps the most common reason of all that good intentions fall by the wayside: absence of a PLAN.

ROI: Return on Investment Resolutions

Business people talk about return on investment all the time. We want it. It better be big. And of course, it has to be measurable. Here are three Return on Investment Resolutions you can make, stick to, and be really happy about your results.  

  • Resolution #1: Resolve to create an environment that is conducive to personal productivity. Clear your desk. Hide or better yet, toss the clutter. Minimize distractions even when it means putting your phone on silent and ignoring your emails. Guard your time so that others cannot rob you of your productivity. Invest in a clean, distraction-free workspace and you will be able to measure the return on investment in increased productivity and more free time to explore new avenues for personal AND professional growth.
  • Resolution #2: Take care of yourself first. Resolution #2 is really an extension of #1. Invest in an ergonomic workspace. Stop squinting–update your eyeglass prescription. Take your vitamins. Eat better. Sleep more. Breathe fresh air. You know the things to do, but too often we all tend to set them aside as if they are luxuries or indulgences instead of what they really are: investments in ourselves and our careers that will, if we let them, yield a measurable ROI.
  • Resolution #3: Target your outreach. Make 2020 the year you grow your personal return on investment by maximizing your workplace ROI. When you have a marketplace to reach, sales or closings to accomplish, and consumer or customer relationships to grow, don’t invest time on scattered tactics or approaches you cannot quantify. Go after your market in ways that are highly strategic and target-focused. The right approach gets the job done both better and more efficiently.

Seychelle Media Can Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

We can’t clean up your desktop, stop that chatty guy in your office from monopolizing your morning, or answer your emails for you—wait, we actually CAN take care of a lot of your emails. And we can nail Resolution #3.

We can put a defined plan in place to help ensure that your digital marketing outreach is creative, well-conceived and well-executed. We can harness the power of Big Data to target-reach precisely the market you are after. Whether it’s refreshing stale customer relationships, engaging new prospects, connecting with a lookalike audience or any other defined and measurable approach to digital B-2-C engagement, we can make it happen amazingly well.  And when we do, you’ll not only reap ROI in business, you’ll be investing in your own workplace success and work-life balance.

Let’s talk ROI targeted digital advertising. And just in case… let’s have that call BEFORE January 17.

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