Marketing Minute: Reverse Bad Bounce Rates

Want to know why your bounce rate is all over the place? Check these three things:


1. PageSpeed Insights on Google

This site checks the loading time of your site and gives your site a score for user experience. Got a low score in the red? You may need to change up your website so that it’s more user friendly.

2. Pop-Ups Galore

How much do you like pop-ups? From surveys to live chat popups to outright advertisements, it’s annoying to any visitor to click through a bunch of pop-ups in order to get to the juicy content on your site that they want. Are the popups really worth it? This Forbes study says no.


3. Where’s the Carrot Souffle I Ordered?

Where is your landing page taking me? If your visitor isn’t going to the right landing page for the promotion that they clicked, you’re in trouble. People don’t like to be tricked. In fact, it’ll hurt your conversions. Your landing pages should always match the deal that you offer in any pay-per-click or affiliate advertisement.  You can check your bounce rates on different landing pages as well to see which ones are performing at the optimum speed of conversion.