It’s Time to Kill It with Digital Advertising. (And You Thought It Was Still Christmas Vacation)

It’s Time to Kill It with Digital Advertising. (And You Thought It Was Still Christmas Vacation)

Okay, maybe you aren’t quite ready to turn your company’s marketing plan around with more leads, more conversions and greater ROI. It IS the day after Christmas, after all.

But seriously, when are you going to be ready? Will you make excuses next week? Will you spend January saying, ‘We’re just getting back from the holidays,’ only to spend February saying, ‘We’re getting lined up for the new year’?

Excuses are easy, and the time will never be perfect for your company to dive into digital advertising with Facebook. Years (and leads) could slip away while you try to refine your message, update your logo, improve your list or evaluate your marketing budget. This is precious time no company can afford to squander.

Start Where You Are with Digital Advertising

Here are a few of the many ways Seychelle Media’s team of Facebook Developers can put the Facebook Marketing API (that’s application programming interface) to work for you.

  • Leverage Facebook’s API to pull in your click-through data and cost data, enabling you to associate performance with your transactional data and determine the ultimate ROI on campaign performance.
  • Automate lead generation with your CRM
  • Create Facebook login buttons for your website
  • Export your customer lists through Custom Audiences
  • Build a custom analytics tool adding Facebook to your internal analytics pipeline
  • Set up Messenger campaigns to drive inbound calls or direct messages
  • Create a product catalogue and start Dynamic Product Marketing Automate reporting on Facebook billing

Go ahead. Fa-la-la all you want to; the holidays are a wonderful time of year. But before you drink one more glass of eggnog or take in one more post-holiday sale, click here to contact Seychelle Media and start the ball rolling on your new year and new lead-driven approach to digital advertising.

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