Who’s Dominating the Internet Advertising Game? Facebook! Facebook! And Facebook!

Internet advertising dominated by Facebook

Internet advertising revenue in the US totaled $107.5 Billion for the calendar year 2018, according to recent reports. This means, if you have a small or large business or brand and you’re looking at internet advertising for the first time, or you are considering expanding what you’re already doing, the question of where to place your ad dollars is easy. The indisputable fact remains: Facebook continues to dominate all other platforms for digital advertising impact.

Last year’s internet advertising spend, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, marked a 21.8 percent increase over U.S. ad spend in 2017. There is simply no getting around it, for businesses striving to increase ROI with strategically designed and crafted internet advertising, the questions of “Where” and “How” to spend their dollar remain obvious.

Facebook Plus Mobile

An overwhelming number of Facebook’s 2.7 Billion users access the platform via mobile. This single fact goes a long way to explaining why Facebook video advertising spending in 2018 increased by 65.2 percent last year over 2017. This past fall, EMarketer identified that, “Facebook controls nearly 87 percent of U.S. social network video ad spending. The result of this dominance was that more than $6.8 Billion generated in total digital video ad revenue last year from Facebook alone.

Second to Facebook is YouTube (a Google-owned platform) with 1.8 Billion users, making Facebook and YouTube the clear front runners in their capability to effectively reach target markets with a defined call to action. Although Amazon has a solid hold on third place in this race, it still lags behind Facebook and YouTube.  Twitter and Snapchat collectively generated $1.03 Billion in ad revenues, with much of Snap’s success coming from its six-second video ad format.

When we say, “Facebook has revolutionized the marketing industry,” we are not joking.

Google: “Facebook marketing lead generation” and find out how effectively Facebook advertising can work for your brand, your service or your company.  

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