How to Use Instagram’s New Post Notification

Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms of the current generation. The amount of information about a business that can be shared here is virtually unparalleled. You can generate interest in a brand without spending millions of dollars with an audience that has plenty of expendable income and is looking to buy. The “new post notification” is one of the newer features of Instagram that can be used to your advantage on the platform, and every business using this social network should try it.

What exactly is the “new post notification” feature?

The new post notification feature on Instagram allows you to increase your Instagram profile visibility among people who follow you. Turning on this new feature will ensure that the content that you just posted on Instagram appears in real time to the people who want to see it. Your image will appear on the lock screen with an increased chance that others will interact with it. Links will take your customer directly to the content as well.

How can brands and businesses use this feature to their advantage?

With the new feature, you will be able to promote your profile across networks that are not Instagram. There is no social network that lives in a vacuum – you just need to make your presence on all of the networks known. Notifying your followers on other networks that you have a new post on Instagram may encourage them to follow you on that network, giving you more leverage there.

Many of the most savvy brands were able to create a great deal of interaction by using the new post feature to drive a contest. Businesses gave away prizes to people who interacted with the Instagram content first. This not only drives interaction with that individual piece of content, but it also drives up subscribers on the network as well.

The feature can also be used as a reward for your most loyal fans. If you have people who are always sharing your content, then you can turn on notifications for their accounts as well. This will make them feel special and become more engaged with your content. Your most influential followers will also now have that much more of an incentive to share your content across all of their social networks.

You can and should activate the feature for your competitors as well. The old adage that tells you to keep your friends close and your enemies closer is a great business strategy. If you see what your competition is doing in real time, then you can jump on trends and create relevant content for your audience before the trend gets stale.

The new post notification feature may also increase your ability to interact with followers outside of Instagram. As users who have turned on your notification feature share your content in real time, you will be much more likely to receive hits from their friends who are looking to keep up with the latest trends.

Part of a Larger Strategy

Although the notification feature is definitely a good strategy to have, it should not be your only strategy. Instagram works best when it is used in tandem with other social networks and other optimization strategies that will help to improve your visibility across all social media. For instance, in order for your notification strategy to work the best, you must have followers on other social networks that do not necessarily follow you on Instagram.

Focused Demographics

Part of the best way to use this new post notification strategy is to focus it on the niche audience that actually uses audiovisual multimedia as its form of communication. The Millennial generation is by far the most active group on Instagram. If you have a marketing plan that targets this audience specifically, then your new post notification strategy should target this audience as well. If you focus it on all of your customers, you may end up losing followers on Twitter or Facebook. Not everyone needs to see your Instagram in real time in order for your strategy to maximize its effectiveness.

Under no circumstances should you hard-sell the new post notification. Simply focus on providing great content so that people want to opt into your notifications without you telling them to do it.

Keep your ear to the street when it comes to Instagram – the site is receiving updates all the time. However, the new post notification is definitely something that you should take into serious consideration. Used properly, it can increase the visibility that you have on the website exponentially.

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