How to Make Facebook Advertising Really Pay Off (A Guide for Timeshare Marketers – Part 2)


In A Guide for Timeshare Marketers – Part 1, I talked about the almost-endless applications for timeshare advertising on Facebook. In this post, I  focus on how Facebook can help you find and market to audiences similar to your current customers.

Custom Audiences & Remarketing

As I mentioned in the previous post, it costs 68% less to get a customer on Facebook versus most other online channels. One reason for this is Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, which allows you to upload a list of your customer data, either emails or phone numbers. (Alternatively, you can build a list from the people that visit your website or from people who use your mobile app.) Facebook then matches your list of at least 100 people against its own database. This service is particularly appealing because (A) this is a no-cost feature and (B) its email match rates typically are between 40% and 60%. What’s more, you can then refine your customer list with Facebook targeting, such as demographics and location.

Lookalike Audiences

Another valuable way to market on Facebook is to create Lookalike Audiences, which are targeted lists of people who are good prospects because they exhibit Facebook profiles that are similar to the Facebook users who already have liked your page.

You can use the information you already have to reach a more interested audience through:

  • Page fans: Target people who look like fans of your page
  • Customer database list: Use Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences together to target people resembling your current customers
  • Website visitors: Increase conversions by using information from your Facebook conversion pixel

Oftentimes, you’ll find that when you create new marketing lead lists with Lookalike Audiences, you’ll see improvement in some of the most important marketing goals:

  • Reaching new prospects
  • Lowering your cost per lead
  • Raising VPGs
  • Eliminating manual aspects of lead acquisition

Facebook & Privacy

One concern that is sometimes raised regarding this process is whether uploading your customer list to Facebook is secure. The good news is that Facebook employs a secure and privacy-safe method to match your customer lists against Facebook users.

Facebook uses hashing, which summarizes text into a short fingerprint that can’t be decrypted. When you, as an advertiser, import a data file, the data is hashed locally within your browser. When the hashed IDs are uploaded, Facebook compares it with their hashes to find all the matching IDs. If you import a hashed email address that Facebook doesn’t, it won’t match anything. Facebook doesn’t see the original email addresses, so Facebook never receives your customer list.

Getting the Most out of Facebook Advertising

As you move forward with Facebook advertising, you’ll want to define your marketing goals and secure a Facebook representative for your team. These steps are critical in making content personal and optimized, and in creating a content strategy that speaks to your audience. So unless you already have an experienced digital team in place, you’ll want to partner up for maximum impact. Seychelle Media has a team of experienced timeshare marketers with backgrounds in internet marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, and public relations and communications strategy. Request a quote for more details.

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