How to Combine User Experience and Storytelling for Amazing Content

Whether you are a website owner, professional writer, online marketer or blogger, the content that you generate determines the experience that the readers and users of your website will have. That being said, providing the best content possible is the key to ensuring that you will hook readers, as well as create repeat visitors. In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to create amazing content by incorporating useful information and storytelling.

How Does Content Affect User Experience?

The content that you provide to your readers will impact the experience that they have in using your website in a number of ways. People typically won’t read an article that does not convey useful and accurate information in an engaging manner. Users who encounter this type of content will have a positive experience and know that they can count on the content you provide. Users who find content that is inaccurate, poorly written or clearly written poorly as a marketing ploy will be very unlikely to ever visit or think about your website again.

What Makes for the Best Content?

Videos, infographics and music have their place in the ideal content category. Videos with musical, funny or quirky characters always win over an audience looking for some cool visuals or interesting topics to take their mind off of everything else.

Infographics provide an incredible way to leverage what you know with what people are looking for. When you have people looking for statistics or how-to guides, infographics are a great way to present that type of content. They are also easily shared through multiple mediums online like

Music is quickly becoming a great way to diversify what you offer on your blog. If you are a writer that has a great taste in music, you can bring in people every day who are looking for new music to follow and enjoy that goes along with their likes. It’s just another way to connect to your audience.

As far as written content, topics should be researched thoroughly first. Good content will always start with the facts that the reader needs, as it is this information that likely will draw the reader to your website in the first place. However, the content also has to engage the reader on a personal level. Toward this end, you can use a conversational tone, personal experience, and interesting facts or tidbits to grab and hold your reader’s attention.

How You Can Use Storytelling to Create Great Content

In content creation, storytelling can be one of the most useful tools at your disposal. Storytelling does not just have to be a brief, formulaic narrative. When creating online content, especially for the purposes of digital marketing, some of the most effective types of storytelling are as follows:

  • Personal Experience: A story that tells about your own experience with the topic in question. This helps readers to relate to you personally, as well as to your content.
  • Story about another person’s experience: readers will often be interested in third person experience or testimony. This is seen as useful and unbiased information.
    Story about the topic: your story doesn’t always have to be from a personal point of view. A story relating facts about the topic at hand can be useful for enhancing the information already explored in your article

  • Theoretical story: your story does not necessarily have to be about something that has happened already. Presenting theoretical possibilities to your users in the form of a story can get them thinking about your topic more deeply. This is especially useful if you are marketing a specific product, as you can use this type of story to present your user with a potential situation in which your product would come in handy.

For example, fashion bloggers have a real leg up in promoting designers because they can tell a personal story connected to clothes that people love to read. You can look at Rumi’s Fashion Toast blog to see an example of short fashion stories, cool pictures and iconic designers come together for this personal storytelling fashion blogger.

Bringing It All Together

Once you have great content, and have used storytelling as a tool to increase your user’s engagement, all that is left is to combine these and a few other elements into a website that your users will be glad to go back to whenever they please. It’s also key to tell an evergreen or everlasting story.

The first step for a great story is to ensure that you have a well constructed site on which to display the content you have spent so much time and effort creating. Also, be certain to create an interactive commenting platform, forum, message board or other method for users to directly interact with the site and lend their thoughts. Finally, begin a branding campaign by mentioning the name of your product or website repeatedly in your content; this will ensure that users know and remember that name, and can easily find you again.

While all of these tips are useful basics in giving the users of your website the best possible experience, there is no single “magic bullet” method to ensure a great experience. It takes a great deal of hard work and persistence, and at times you are very likely to find yourself frustrated by a lack of response to content you deem incredible. Just remember that great content is the key, and that if you continue to provide it, your user base will grow, slowly but surely. As this happens, continue to keep your readers engaged and interested because this strategy lets you effortlessly get more users attracted to what you do and the content that you publish.

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