Here’s Where Love Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

The purpose of Love in your Marketing Plan from Seychelle Media

❤ Remember Hallmark Moments? Or Kodak Moments? Both phrases became part of our vocabulary when the brands they represented found ways to recreate a magical twinkling of time in which we, as consumers, were wholly engulfed. In that brand-driven moment, we lived a snippet of life that bypassed our brain and spoke directly to our heart.

Such messaging empowers brands to transport a collective audience to an intimate experience that is rarely an actual memory. Instead, these captivating narratives typically connect people more to the idyllic existence they desire than to their own reality.

Here's how to add Love to your Marketing Plan

Emotional Selling and Your Marketing Plan

For generations, marketers have recognized and used the power of emotions to springboard sales. Known as emotional selling, this sales tactic includes the guilt emotion that causes people to overspend on loved ones, and the greed emotion that makes us want to own more or even own it all.

Insecurity is another emotion that can inspire buying decisions. Self-doubt can lead us to purchase insurance, burglar alarms, teeth whitening kits, or cars and apparel with sought-after luxury labels. And don’t overlook the powerful emotional selling tool known as FOMO, that anxiety-driven response produced by the fear of missing out.

In a world where it is the norm to opine and emote freely and publicly, it’s pretty clear that a lot of people are living for an emotional rush. Research shows that as many as 93 million selfies are snapped daily, suggesting that perhaps people are looking to document or even create definable moments in life.

So how do you, as a brand or business professional with goods or services to share, communicate with, and even capitalize, on this swelling juggernaut of emotionalism?

It’s easy.

You practice love. Love is the most important emotion in emotional selling. Yet too often, love is also the most overlooked.

Build your brand by handing out love freely to your clients, your prospects, your team members, and even your peers and competitors. Strive to help people experience those longed for definable moments in life.

Adding Love to Your Marketing Plan

  1. Focus your service, your products, and your message on fulfilling people’s needs.
  2. Build your brand by enabling your clients to experience those idealized snippets of life they long for.
  3. Position your clients to be the version of themselves they aspire to be.
  4. Honor client integrity by delivering your very best.
  5. Be transparent and authentic. Earn and maintain trust.
  6. Understand that positive word of mouth marketing is priceless, and when amplified digitally, it is one of the most powerful forces in sales today.
  7. Identify your market and then treat people like a valued customer, long before they become one.
  8. Deliver everything you promised.
  9. Deliver a little extra.
  10. Finally, love what you do. Anything less and you don’t stand a chance of accomplishing items 1-9 on this list.

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