Gmail AMPs up email with real-time interactive functionality

Gmail AMPs up email with real-time interactive functionality

Gmail is about to get dynamic. Google recently unveiled plans build on its AMP platform to enable continuously updating information and greater interactivity in emails.

When you receive an email using the new platform, you could see dynamic, real-time content like automatically updated flight information in a booking confirmation email, accurate and updated weather information or real and functioning feedback forms that don’t require a click-through to a survey tool.

The envisioned changes are an outgrowth of Google’s AMP project, or accelerated mobile pages, according to Aakash Sahney, a product manager overseeing Gmail. AMP is a Google-backed development platform intended to make web pages load faster by stripping out layers of technology. “Imagine you could complete tasks directly in email. With AMP for Email, you’ll be able to quickly take actions like submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message,” Sahney said. It has drawn praise from publishers such as Hearst Corp and the Washington Post for making their websites more inviting for users.


Coming soon: Not just for Gmail


The Gmail integration marks the first broader use for AMP. Other email providers can adopt AMP as well, Google announced when it kicked off an AMP-focused conference for software developers in Amsterdam.

The initial version of AMP for email is aimed at bulk senders and marketers using Google-endorsed email service providers (ESPs). A retailer, for example, that sends a weekly sales notice could ensure that recipients see the current price or availability of an item no matter when the email is opened.
Bookmarking service Pinterest, scheduling app Doodle and Priceline Group Inc’s are testing AMP for email, according to Google.

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