Email Marketing: How to Get Back Unsubscribers

If you are doing any kind of email marketing, you likely have an unfollow or unsubscribe link towards the bottom. They’re typically cleverly disguised as small, barely readable text. These must be included if you’re following the no spam rules of email marketing. Sometimes you might start sending out more emails than you should and flooding your audience’s inboxes. If you want to gain back their trust or even if you just want to save some unsubscribers, you still have a certain method of doing that. Is it possible to keep engaging with your subscribers even as they go to click the unsubscribe text link? In fact, it’s something you should be doing with every marketing campaign.

Why Do People Unsubscribe

There are a lot of reasons. They don’t like your branding. They haven’t purchased anything from your business in months. They didn’t mean to sign up for your email subscription list, or maybe you just started sending too many emails their way. Whatever the case, people are going to unsubscribe to your emails now and again. When they go to unsubscribe, they might not see anything to show that they’ve disengaged with you. They just click the link you provide and move on their way, but you can really do something with the text at the bottom of your email and in the unsubscribe link that will make them change their minds.

Keep ‘Em Reading

Want to get people to stick around? Write an offer before the unsubscribe link that’s too good to pass up. Maybe it’s a one time use promo code or maybe it’s another link to a great deal. You want to make sure that people can see the link and access it, but that you also have other things that will take their mind off of it. You can also change the text before the unsubscribe link to show that they are missing out. For instance, you can remind them of something that they will never get if they unsubscribe–such as a certain deal or reminders about products they like. You can even personalize this section with their name to make it even more difficult for someone to unsubscribe.

Branded Unsubscribe Confirmation Page

This is the best way to get your unsubscribers to remain on your list. When they click your link, take them to a page that has branding and a certain message on it. Offer them something special if they don’t want to unsubscribed just yet. You can keep short, sweet and simple while still showing some of your best products and giving them a great deal.

Provide Resubscribe

You should always have a resubscribe link somewhere on the confirmation page so that it’s easy to jump back in if a person feels like they have made a mistake or that they want to receive more of your deals. You can also make sure that your subscribe link is available in every email, as it’s likely that people will search their inboxes for old emails to subscribe to your mailing list once they have unsubscribed. Now remember, treat these resubscribers with care and always send a new subscriber an email that welcomes them and offers them something special as well.

These methods aren’t being practiced by more than 80% of businesses out there. The unsubscribe is just one more way that you can draw your visitors and audience back in.

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