Forget Black Friday. Go After a Green New Year

Digital Advertising Beats Black Friday

Maybe you didn’t prep your business or organization to take advantage of Black Friday. Maybe you are years behind in strategically reaching your market and consumer base online.

We’re here to say, “It’s okay.” Wherever you are, start now. Put your lackluster, Smudgy Gray Friday behind you and make the commitment to go after digital marketing in the days and weeks ahead.

It’s Not About Black Friday

Black Friday is specifically for retailers. Cyber Monday is even more niche, purposely for retailers with an online e-commerce platform. But digital marketing and digital advertising is for everyone who serves, sells, solicits, or otherwise engages with a market. When it comes to digital advertising, where the final transaction culminates isn’t relevant, as long as it happens.

Digital marketing is as effective for growing the client base of bankers, attorneys, doctors, realtors and other service professionals as it is for all those online retailers who sell us, and then ship us their tangible goods.

Digital Advertising and Your Green New Year

You’ll never know how many leads you can generate through digital advertising until you try it. More to the point—you’ll probably never try it unless you put a professional team to work for you. Facebook, with its 2 BILLION PLUS users remains one of the most powerful tools for reaching a target audience, capturing qualified leads, and converting prospects into clients. But knowing how to post pictures of your vacation on Facebook doesn’t equip you to take on a digital ad campaign.

Results happen when you work with a Facebook Agency Partner that is experienced in harnessing Big Data and designing targeted campaigns to generate qualified leads. It’s just that black and white.

So who cares about a Black Friday when you can be rolling in green, every day of the year?

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