Facebook Privacy Questions Everyone Wants Answered

Facebook Privacy Questions Everyone Wants Answered
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In 2018, Facebook logged record levels of time and resources invested in keeping people safe and ensuring individual Facebook privacy. The year was also marked by extreme levels of controversy and—interestingly, Facebook’s highest user engagement ever. Beyond that, strong first and fourth quarters made 2018, Facebook’s most profitable year to date.

The chart below, created and published by Facebook, helps to show just how very seriously Facebook is taking the issue of your Facebook privacy and security.

Facebook Privacy: Numbers and Initiatives You Can’t IgnoreFacebook Privacy by the numbers

Here’s recent commentary, published by Facebook:

Strengthening Facebook Privacy and Protecting People’s Information

“When people add information to their profile, upload a photo, or use Facebook to log into another app, they’re entrusting us with their information. We have a deep responsibility to protect it, and we know we didn’t do a good enough job securing our platform in the past.

In 2014 we significantly reduced the amount of information apps on Facebook can access. We’ve investigated thousands of apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform policy in 2014. As a result, we suspended more than 400 apps that violated our policies.

To better safeguard people’s information, we grew the size of our security team and established a dedicated Privacy and Data Use team to focus on building stronger protections and giving people more control over their data. We also published our privacy principles so people know how we approach privacy and can hold us accountable.

Facebook Privacy | Seychelle Media


Strengthening privacy also means giving people greater control over what they share. Last year we made our privacy settings easier to find and rolled out GDPR-style controls around the world. As part of this, we asked people to review what personal information they share and what data they want us to use for ad targeting. We also built better tools for people to access and download their data. This year we’re continuing to build more controls, including Clear History, which will let people see the information we receive from the apps and websites they use, and then decide whether to clear it from their account. We’ll continue working to explain more about how data is used on Facebook and give more control and transparency over the information people share.”

Reality Check

Has Facebook anticipated and protected its users from every possible challenge of today’s “life online”? No, neither has Google, Amazon or thousands of other organizations, retailers, hospitality providers, banks, credit card companies and others. As we have said many times before, “this is uncharted waters, people.”

Pointing the finger at the largest target in the room is easy. Let’s also give credit where credit is due. 

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