8 Tips for High Reaching Posts on Your Facebook Page

In the fourth quarter of 2014, Facebook grew to 204 million monthly active users, according to a report from Statista. This vast audience of prospective customers for your business makes Facebook an important marketing channel full of opportunity. Effective Facebook marketing takes time and effort. To reap the rewards of Facebook advertising, it is important to understand how to maximize your Facebook Reach.

What Is Facebook Reach?

Facebook Reach, or post reach, is defined by Facebook as the number of people who have seen your post in their News Feed on their desktop or mobile device. Some business owners assume that the number of individuals who see their Facebook posts equals the number of individuals who have liked the page. Unfortunately, that is not a correct assumption.

Facebook displays posts by your Facebook Page to a percentage of those people who have liked your page based on the Facebook algorithm. Although Facebook has never publicly disclosed how the algorithm is computed, in August of 2013, Facebook did identify the following factors as having an impact on who sees your Facebook post:

• How often your fan interacts with your Facebook Page
• The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives from people you are connected to on Facebook
• How often you have interacted with similar posts of this type in the past
• The frequency that posts from your page are hidden or reported to Facebook by fans including those that are too promotional and spammy posts

Understanding these factors relating to Facebook’s algorithm and when posts are displayed to fans can help you maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts.

How Do I Know How Many of My Facebook Fans Are Seeing My Posts?

Facebook Insights provides you with the data you need to determine how many people are seeing your posts, as well as valuable data that you can use to increase your post reach. To view your Facebook Insights, simply go to your company Facebook Page and click the Insights tab at the top of your screen. (Please note that if you are a new page with few followers, you will have access to Insights after reaching 30 page likes.)

To see how many people are seeing your post in their News Feed, scroll down to the Insights Overview page and take a look at your five most recent posts. Insights lists each post, when it was published, what type of post it was (a direct post, an image, a link, etc.), how the post was targeted, and the number of people your post reached. In addition, Insights shows you how many people clicked, liked, commented and shared for each post. To view your Facebook Reach for older posts, click the See All Posts link below your most recent five.

There is a great deal of information available through Facebook Insights. If you are new to Insights, click the Help option at the top of your Insights page to view an informative tutorial and video explaining the sections of Insights. In the tips below, we will reference specific metrics available through Facebook Insights and how they can be used to increase your post reach.

How Can I Increase My Post Reach?

Take a moment and compare the number of people reached by each of your most recent five posts per Facebook Insights and compare to your total number of page likes. If you are discouraged by the number of people seeing your posts, don’t be. The following tips will help you increase your Facebook Reach, resulting in better engagement and more efficient results from your Facebook marketing efforts.

Tip #1: Promote Content Sharing – In its algorithm, Facebook identified the following as factors impacting who sees your page post: “How often your fan interacts with your Facebook Page and the number of likes, shares and comments a post receives from people you are connected to on Facebook.” An extremely effective way to increase your Facebook Reach is to encourage fans to share your content. A Facebook share from one user to another is the equivalent of a person recommendation, boosting your online reputation and extending your post reach.

Tip #2: Show Followers How to Get Notifications – Facebook provides fans of a Facebook Page an easy way to increase the number of posts they see on their News Feed. The fan can simply go to your Facebook Page, click the drop down arrow attached to the Liked button, and select Get Notifications. Each time a post is made on your page, the user will be notified. Many Facebook users don’t know about this option. Make sure and tell your fans how they can Get Notifications from your page by sharing these easy steps.

Tip #3: Study Your Facebook Analytics – In addition to your Facebook Reach, Facebook Insights also gives you several key analytics to help you increase your reach based on your Facebook audience. For example, on your Facebook Insights page, click on the Posts tab. Facebook displays a graph showing you when your Facebook audience was online during the last week. Experiment with posting at times when your audience is online in larger numbers to see if you receive more engagement, boosting your total reach.

Tip #4: Increase Visibility – To increase the interaction that your Facebook audience has with your posts, therefore increasing your post reach, work to capture the attention of your readers. Your posts need to be well-written, include stunning graphics or photographs, and ask a question, opinion, or otherwise compel engagement from your audience. Take a look at your Facebook Insights and see which type of posts have generated the highest number of clicks, likes, comments and shares, and build upon your successes.

Tip #5: Post Videos – The number of videos viewed on Facebook today is quickly closing in on the number of videos viewed on YouTube daily, making video marketing on Facebook an intriguing way to increase your post reach. Make sure your videos are relevant to your target audience for the greatest results.

Tip #6: Cross Promote Facebook Posts – Facebook posts don’t have to reside only on Facebook. By embedding your posts in your website content, you will transport your website visitors to your Facebook channel so they can interact with you on Facebook as well. Not only can you gain new page likes, you may also impact your page reach.

Tip #7: Share Other People’s Content – Often, you may find content on other Facebook Pages or marketing channels that you know will be of interest to your Facebook fans. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to engage your audience and attract new followers. Be sure to always credit the original author and link to the original article. Others will share your content as well, directing traffic back to your Facebook Page.

Tip #8: Grow Your Target Audience – Another way to increase your Facebook Reach is to increase your overall audience and number of page likes. It’s important to grow your Facebook audience intentionally, targeting new likes based on an affinity for your products and services, not just obtaining likes for the sake of getting more likes. The larger your total audience, the more people that will see your posts.

Incorporate these 8 tips on your Facebook Page and monitor your Facebook Insights for higher reaching posts. We look forward to hearing about your results.

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