Do You Like Us? Do You Facebook Like Us?

Do You Facebook Like Seychelle Media

If you’ve already liked us… we LOVE it ? and REALLY APPRECIATE IT. And if you haven’t, would you please? It seems we’ve got a long way to go. The most popular page on Facebook, based on ‘likes,’ belongs to … wait for it… Facebook! With 213 Million likes, Facebook ranks 1st, followed by Samsung with 159 Million likes and in third place, with 122 Million likes, is Portuguese pro footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. ⚽

Wanna guess who the most popular American is? Okay, you’ll never come up with this, so we’ll tell you. It’s actor Vin Diesel with 98 Million likes. (And you thought it was going to be someone named ‘Kardashian’, didn’t you?)  #facebooklike #samsung #cristianoronaldo #vindiesel #kardashian

Learn more about Seychelle Media’s effective, lead-generating Engagement Strategies we promise, you’ll LIKE them and you’ll LOVE what they can do for your business.

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