Facebook Rolls Out Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads

Last week, Facebook launched a new camera-first messaging app for Instagram, known as Instagram Threads. The idea behind it is to help people stay better connected to their close friends.

“Stories” helps Instagram users share ‘everyday moments’ while “Direct” is designed for sharing visual messages. But what about communications with your “inner circle”?

Now you can communicate with your close friends using Threads, easily sharing how you’re feeling or what you’re doing throughout the day via photos or videos.

Described by Facebook as “a dedicated, private space,” Threads is quick and indeed, private to your Instagram Close Friends list. Users control who can reach them via Threads.

Close Friends is a feature Instagram rolled out last year. By combining Close Friends and Threads, users have a dedicated inbox with notifications that apply only to those who are identified as Close Friends. Because of this designation, you can only use Threads if you have set up a Close Friends list.

What You Want to Know about How Instagram Threads Work

  • Download the Instagram Threads app
  • Set up your Close Friends list, if you don’t have one already
  • Use Threads as the fastest way to share a photo or video with your designated ‘best buds’. The app opens directly to the camera, allowing you to add shortcuts to make photo sharing as simple as two taps.
  • Add your Status to let people know more about what’s going on in your day. There are default options like studying, at the gym, and even charging, for example or you can create your own. Only your close friends will see your status, and you control who that is and what they will see.
  • Threads has several versions of its Dark Mode. Part of the Threads user experience is the option to customize many of your settings.
  • ? ?? Right now, there are no emojis or stickers. (We bet that changes, don’t you?)
  • Like Snapchat, you can control how long your image sticks around…whether that’s one view or you want it to stick around forever.
  • And for everyone already curious about the potential for Instagram Threads marketing, you’ll be interested to know that Instagram has already committed that, in the future, Threads will work across Messenger and Whatsapp.

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