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Facebook dating replaces Facebook stalking. Okay, just kidding, because no one ever looks up their ex or uses Facebook to check out someone who interests them, right? ?

In reality, almost 40 percent of heterosexual couples today meet online, according to a 2019 report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And as of September 5th, Facebook’s purpose-built dating product has officially launched for U.S. users.

Facebook believes that too often, on other dating platforms, people create a contrived profile that may not reflect who they really are. The new Facebook dating option will help people see their prospective dating matches more authentically, through the broader lens of the participant’s complete Facebook profile.   

The Big Picture ?

If all goes as Facebook plans, Facebook Dating will help users start meaningful relationships based on areas of common interests, events attended, and groups in which they participate. U.S. account holders will benefit from the fact that Facebook has previously launched this dating product in 20 other countries worldwide, which means they’ve had the opportunity to tweak the program and retool any aspects of it that failed to deliver as anticipated.

The product also provides people the opportunity to integrate their Instagram posts directly into their Facebook Dating profile. And it gives people the capability to add Instagram followers to their Secret Crush lists, in addition to adding them as Facebook friends. By yearend, Facebook Dating users can expect to have the ability to add Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories directly into their dating profile.

Of Course, There Will Be a Ton of Safety Features ?

Privacy, security and safety measures are built into Facebook’s new dating product at every level. To opt in and create a profile, which will be separate from the user’s main profile, an account holder will have to be 18 years of age or older. Participants will also need to be running the most-current version of Facebook. It’s also good to know that a user’s dating activity will remain within Facebook Dating. It will not be shared to the rest of Facebook.

Another handy safety feature is the capability to easily share via Facebook Messenger the plans for an upcoming date, such as location, time, etc., with a third party the user trusts.

A Whole New Meaning to “Like Me” on Facebook ?

Users will have the option to report and block anyone they choose and to prohibit people from sending photos, payments, weblinks, or videos with their message. As a participant, you’ll see suggested “dating prospects” based on your preferences, interests, and other involvements on Facebook. When you see someone who interests you, you can immediately reach out to them by commenting on their profile or tapping the LIKE button.

Users can potentially match with friends, friends of friends and people that are not in their friend network. And to prevent that awkward moment, you won’t be matched with someone in your friend network, unless you use the Secret Crush feature AND you both add each other to your lists.

Beating Out the Competition ??

Let’s face it, Facebook Dating has the potential to do some serious damage to other currently existing dating apps and online dating programs. For starters, the Facebook network is massive. Also, the price is right, given that Facebook Dating is offered to its participants at no cost.

But most of all, Facebook is banking that the way it already authentically integrates into people’s lives will be the differentiating factor that turns it into the online dating program of choice.

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