Facebook Data Can Tell You What’s On Point for 2020

Facebook Data in the 2020 Topics and Trends Report

If you could scan the online posts of well over a BILLION active social media users, sifting and filtering keywords and other indicators, would you be able to figure out what’s trending for the coming year? Facebook data can …and does.

Working with a year of research data, the digital engagement gurus at Facebook IQ have looked for patterns that reveal key developments in attitudes, expectations and behaviors. For the most current report, Facebook trend data focuses topically on Art and Design; Beauty and Fashion; Entertainment; Food and Drink; Mind and Body; and Travel and Leisure.

And after making a list and checking it twice (no wait—that might be someone else who does that ??), Facebook crosschecks its findings against reputable third-party research and media sources to verify that the Facebook IQ findings are in fact, on point.

Facebook Data Trends Report Goes Global

During the first two years that Facebook studied trend data for this annual report, it focused primarily on the US. Now, reaching its third year, Facebook has released a global edition of The 2020 Topics and Trends Report From Facebook IQ

As the report states in its introduction, “Because the future can come to different places at different times, an existing trend in one market could soon emerge in another. Understanding what’s happening around the world can help marketers think about their own markets in fresh ways and prepare for what’s to come.”

Great Information. But How Effectively Can You Use It?

Facebook publishes a monthly mini version of the Topics and Trends Report in the form of Topics to Watch. Both the annual review and the monthly updates developed by Facebook can help businesses inform their marketing direction. The information in Facebook’s reports can assist businesses and brands in shaping their messaging and potentially expanding their market reach through conceptual connections they create between trending topics and their products or services.

Seychelle Media Takes It To the Next Level

Reaching targeted prospects by actually putting the insights gleaned from a Topics and Trend Report to work for you is where Seychelle Media comes in really strong. We help businesses and organizations drill down, powering the information they’ve developed through market research, so that the right message reaches the right prospects.

Simply knowing that, based on this year’s study, “baths and bath taking” are making a comeback in America and that more people are engaged in conversations on Facebook about milk baths, chill out music and sea salt isn’t sufficient information for a business that may want to capitalize on this trend. Through the tactical use of Big Data, Seychelle Media can further identify and target consumers, by using data (for example) around buying trends in bath-related purchases, spa visits, bathroom remodeling and other key indicators.

Think of it as “trend data” plus “big data”. At Seychelle Media, we leverage Big Data, drawing from over 35 million data sets, to target and engage prospects at the most granular levels of audience segmentation. We help businesses put trend data to work in powerful ways that are strategically designed to enhance the business’ bottom line.

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