Face Recognition on Facebook is 100% User Controlled

Face Recognition on Facebook

Maybe you want to be famous for your face. …But maybe you don’t!

Facebook users have always had control over whether Facebook used face recognition technology to recognize them in photos. But like other aspects of Facebook user controls, people didn’t always pay attention to the setting or stop and think about if they cared or didn’t care how it worked.

In the past, this setting was called “tag suggestions” and Facebook only used facial recognition technology to auto-prompt you, suggesting tags of your friends in photos.

For some, but not all users, the setting changed in December of 2017. The renamed setting became “face recognition.” The setting permits users to decide whether or not Facebook is allowed to use technology in reviewing photos and suggesting tags. This setting essentially serves as a yes/no option to help users who want to protect their identity on Facebook.

Effective earlier this month, new Facebook users along with anyone who still had the “tag suggestions” setting, will now have the “face recognition” setting. This same group of users will also receive an explanation of how the setting works. The original “tag suggestions” setting has been eliminated.

Facebook’s Use of Face Recognition Summary:

  • You’ll still be able to tag friends manually, but Facebook will no longer be suggesting you be tagged if you have turned your facial recognition setting to “off”.
  • If you are one of the users who receives the notice about the changes, you’ll have the option to choose to turn face recognition “on”, from within the notice itself—Nice! This means you won’t have to go to another page to adjust the setting.
  • Most importantly, Facebook face recognition, even if turned “on” does not identify you to people who are not your Facebook friends, nor does it identify you to any third-party programs.

You can read more about the controls for Facebook facial recognition here: An Update About Face Recognition on Facebook.

And you can learn more about engaging with your Facebook audience here: Facebook Advertising.

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